29 February 2012

Pinterest - what you need to know

I was just alerted to the "transference" of intellectual property and ownership of photos to Pinterest. The Terms of Use transfers ownership of YOUR photos and designs to Pinterest when you sign their "User Agreement."

"By making available any Member Content through the Site, Application or Services, you hereby grant to Cold Brew Labs a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license, with the right to sublicense, to use, copy, adapt, *modify, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast, access, view, and otherwise exploit such Member Content only on, through or by means of the Site, Application or Services.”

The whole story can be read on this indepth post by Claire Leggett. Yes, I did ask permission to link to her blog.

If you are interested in using, printing or even distributing any of my tutorials or posts, just drop me a line first at the email address in my profile. I love to share with REAL PEOPLE.


  1. Beth, you should also add the code so that people can't pin your work.


    Scroll down to "linking to your blog or website and put the snippet of code you'll find there in the html of your blog.


  2. It seems to me that this part should be in bold also

    only on, through or by means of the Site, Application or Services.”

  3. When you changed 20% of more from the picture then is there will be no problem.

  4. Hi Beth - sorry to respond here - I don't have access to gmail at work but saw from the snippet my mail aggregator provided that you said you had put the code on.

    The reason I mentioned where it should go is because I tried to pin from your site and it let me. You have to put the code in your blog HTML for it to work. If you put it on your pages, or in your sidebar, it doesn't work.


  5. I don´t see the problem. You grant them to use the member content. But you don´t upload pictures, you just pin a link to the place on the web where the picture can be found. So you grant them to use the link you pinned and the text you added. I think it is a wonderful new tool for sharing, for inspiration and for refinding all those memorable items you once found on the web. And it is our own responsibility to credit the artist by mentioning the name, as always. And it is also nice, if you link directly to the original site of the artist. But either way, I see it as free marketing for the artist without loosing their original rights. Don´t panic ;-)


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