27 June 2019

What Marcella and I did after the silk screening workshop

Marcella's are the first two.

 These are some rayon infinity scarves pre-washing.

Play table

Some of the scarves I made

I've made 20 s0 far, gave one away and five are available at the Grasshopper Shop in Searsport.

24 June 2019

Finished pieces from the workshop

We started with stencils then moved to botanicals

We showed how to set up a screen for deconstructing (lower left) and later tried to print the used botanical screens as a resist.

My demo piece


The problem with a workshop is that the students take their work home to wash out and you don't get a chance to see the work finished. I totally didn't take any pictures of the stencils or all the botanicals. Neither did I take pictures of their large pieces.

Here is another students work washed.


 Deconstructed screen above and taped screen below

20 June 2019

Silk Screening Workshop

The workshop in pictures

17 June 2019

Getting ready for my first workshop

Nothing quite a good as a blank silk screen awaiting work.

16 June 2019

Silk Screened Infinity Scarves

I really feel like I am the creator of these scarves because I built the screens from wood and screen, created the designs on the screens, mixed up the dye, cut the blank rayon infinity scarves open, silk screened the, washed them, ironed them and sewed them back into circles. It took me an entire day to screen four scarves so it is very labor intensive. They are scrumptious even if I say so myself and are a delight to wear (like whipped cream) and versatile, (just turn the scarf for a color to match.

They are available at the Grasshopper Shop in Searsport if you are local to mid-coast Maine or on my website HERE 

They are 20" X 70" and they are rayon, soft and drapey

13 June 2019

A bed quilt

Quite a few years ago I made my partner, Brian, a yellow Quilt-as-you-go for his bed. I can't find any pictures except this one of Niamh on the bed. This is one of the reasons it needs replacing (smile).

I actually bought a kit for make a quilt but I hate traditional quilt making so much I decided to just make some half square triangle, build up a center and add something for borders to fit a double bed. The kit was a great buy just for the fabric (I think I got it half price) but I didn't like all of the colors so I just used the ones I liked. They are all solids. I cut 9" squares and got 32 half square triangles out of each fat quarter. 

I am muddling my way through this project which is beyond boring. Here are progress pictures so far.

10 June 2019


This all started because I wanted a handmade card for my friend's birthday

Background color - oil pastel with watercolors over it.

A new crow stamp carved a few weeks ago

First print

A selection. Hope she likes the card. Now which to send??

06 June 2019

New Stuff

A big paper order from Blick


Collages in my sketchbook

A collaged rock

03 June 2019

Leaf prints.

 I am actually not a natural dye or leaf print person but I was so intrigued by doing this on paper that I had to give it a go.

I outdoor set up for boiling.


two dandelions, cransbill geraniums leaves and wild carrot


Clipped crocus blossoms and some ? leaves. I like the blue stems.

This is an immature fern with fronds just opening and a cransbill leaf.

Dandelion leaves

Comfrey leaves