29 October 2020

More book stuff


Coptic with a hard cover

Forgot the name but it's the book from the cover of the book which I REALLY loved.

Stab binding with rice paper

Ribbon binding

U shaped accordion fold with pockets. In the pockets are the ink samples below.

Slot book

detail of "hinge"

Flip Flap book

These are the covers for the U shaped concertina with pockets.

26 October 2020

Working with a new Book book


Slot book

Turkish map fold


Other side


22 October 2020

first marks


I made these marks using my cool brushes, paint, oil pastel and a bunch of other products. This is rice paper and the book I made from the papers is thin and soft.

19 October 2020

Making "brushes" for a mark making project

Marcella and I are making brushes which we will use to make a book of marks

I really love the ones above and below


15 October 2020

Last indigo playdate this year with Marcella and Jean

Just getting started

Marcella above and Jean below

Above a scarf Mark sewed and below yardage of his silk

I think above is Jean's damask tablecloth and below more of Mark's yardage

These are tiny kids aprons from Marcella which I dyed to make a brushroll for our hand made brushes.

Above and below is Marcella's jacket


13 October 2020

Fabulous Silkscreened Scarf Workshop Online


Marcella has been really encouraging me to make an online workshop. She has lined up a video producer who could film, edit and upload the entire thing. So the reason I am bringing it up is to just see if there is any interest out there. The workshop I had in mind would be my fabulous silk screened scarves.

The eight different segments include

  • Supplies and suppliers
  • Making the screens (very easy)
  • Different ways to make designs on the screens
  • Choosing and preparing the fabrics
  • How to make print paste and thickened dye
  • Screening the designs with a few simple rules about choosing colors
  • Batching
  • Washing out
Each of these segments would have multiple steps with very easy to follow instructions. You would also have access to a private Facebook group for sharing your work, asking questions and getting ideas. The cost of the course is $75. and it would remain available to you for at least five years.

Please let me know what you think of this idea by either leaving a comment below or sending me an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page. I'd really love to hear what you think.

12 October 2020

Remember the solvent transfer?

This piece of fabric I did a solvent transfer onto has been kicking around the studio for many months. Today I grabbed it and made a book cover.

There were 5 layers of fabric and one of acrylic felt so I used my monster (Ernest Wright) scissors to cut the rectangle. Ordinarily I can't use scissors but there are those occasions when only scissors will do the job. I was never so happy to see the introduction of rotary cutters. My thumb joints are backwards and the scissors really kill! I stuck the sharpie in there for size comparison.


08 October 2020

Looking for inspiration (and driftwood) on the beach with Marcella

This is a vine growing on a trellis across from Marcella's beach cottage

Love is everywhere

Rust? on wood

This was huge and I love the rusted metal.

This is cribwork trying to mitigate tide and wave damage to shoreline.

Seaweed attached to a rock. Looks like an aquatic blossom.

Stone in a stone

My collection