21 June 2011

Changed my mind

I decided to remove most of the purple roving from this piece and replaced it with stitches and beading. The frame is in the way of the photograph but it's a passable photo.

Oops. It's sideways.

Color not quite as good and below is a piece I did for an art show called BLUE in Blue Hill, Maine .


16 June 2011


I was so unhappy with the color and resolution of my new series that I decided to try a different camera - my purse camera. Here are the results. Much happier.

Becoming #1
  Chrysalis back

Chrysalis front

15 June 2011

SAQA Auction piece

This is my 12X12 piece for the SAQA auction. It is silk charmeuse and the processes I used were batik with soy wax with dye in it and thickened dye. Hand stitching is with gold metallic thread. The sandwich is made with pink felt (all I had at the time) and backed with white silk haboti. 2" sleeve. I really love this piece of fabric.

07 June 2011

A silk screened image

Here is an easy way to use a silk screen. I printed a picture of a crow from my computer onto copy paper and cut out the image. I placed a piece of previously hand dyed fabric down, put the paper (cut out) image on top, laid the silk screen down on top of everything and screened the image with thickened dyes. I covered with plastic, rolled it up and batched. This image was done on plain white fabric. OK so I'm not a great documenter.

Later I used fabric paint in a plastic applicator to “attempt to” draw another crow next to the screened crow image after the fabric had been washed and dried. The lines came out too thickly for my taste so I stopped and used free motion to finish the “sketch”. I also free motioned details on to first screened image. I added some text and quilted.

 This could be used as a gift idea to make a "silhouette" of a pet or grandchild and stitch details and use text to personalize