30 November 2016

In time for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas giving ( or yourself)

Tropical Forrest
12 X 12 in Frame 20 X 20


 Time 1
29 W X 36 H framed

29 November 2016

Quilt done

Pinned and waiting to be tacked while Betsey holds it by the rod in the hanging sleeve. Hello wall!!

28 November 2016

Revisiting Betsey's crazy quilt

Remember Betsey's crazy quilt? These were blocks she made in NY over 10 years ago before she moved to Maine. I DID sew it together with the fabric she had brought with her from NY for that purpose. The fabric was a bit shiny and shifty like crepe. Not an appropriate fabric to sash and bind a quilt. It was SO shifty it just wouldn't behave. I sewed the seams fell flat and still it shifted. I finally took the entire thing apart, yes, even with fell flat seams. She took the squares home after I suggested we just sew all the blocks together like a traditional crazy quilt. It looks much better. She is purchasing COTTON fabric and I will back and bind it. Meanwhile this is what the quilt looks like so far.

It is hard to photograph so this is a partial picture. When it is entirely finished I will photograph it being held so you can see it all.

I like it with all the blocks stitched together. Good job Betsey!!

25 November 2016


As usual, I worked on a third piece and did a last layer on it. It was this piece

 I used black India ink and lighter colored oil pastels. Sorry, I didn't photograph it when I was done but I did use it in the finished piece below.

I'm not sure if you can see this but it is all waffley and gross looking. I was SO disappointed but since the papers were fused I didn't know what to do. Long story short, the reason it was so waffely was that the fusible was not really holding it together. I was able to tease the strips apart and weave them "the other way" if you know what I mean. What is seen here is hidden and was is hidden shows. I like it even better now and it is actually fused to itself so it will hold together and it is FLAT. I am going to cut it and put part of it in a 12 X 12 frame and the other bit left will be cut and placed in a smaller frame or frames. I promise photos after the first of the year.

Isn't this an even better image with the two circles and the white X (which cracked from the heat of the iron - very cool)

23 November 2016

Third layer

White India Ink

21 November 2016

Totally unrelated to anything

Some times I just can't help myself

Niki above and sweet Owen below

18 November 2016

Playing with paper

I made some random marks on both sides of each of these two sheets of paper. Why will be answered soon.

Remember these rubber stamps I cut long ago?

15 November 2016

10 November 2016

Monoprints (as a first layer)

I will be working back into these as well as making more monoprints using a different method.

This the vegetarian gelli plate I made months ago. Still holding up well. I think the initial problem came from a layer of glycerine that was interfereing with the paints. Now that the surface is "dryer" the paint is behaving well

Brayer with paint

Rolling over print on the gelli plate with a clean roller

Not too bad. I like the fact that it is not all balck.

Too much black but I'll see what I can do

Cleaned up with a wet sponge followed by baby wipes

Pulled a second print. This is my favorite

04 November 2016

Creavity at a low ebb

This is very unusual for me. I am usually brimming over with ideas and I can't figure out what happened. The dogs take 2 hours of walking a day and can interrupt my day. I also had company for about 5 days . Can't figure it out. I have been walking since my 20's and I have frequent company. 

Yesterday I took a bright yellow (yuck) blouse my friend Marcella gave me to overdye. I finally got around to it. I also cleaned my work space and took out some acrylics to do some abstract painting. Hope this all primes my pump.

You need sunglasses for this one

In a bowl with basic blue

I love the way the shirt is green but the stitching picked up more of the blue

Inviting. Now all I need is my mojo back.