29 November 2018

Mini Quilts Framed for the Art Show and Sale

Last year I needed a birthday gift and happened to have one of these mini-quilts on hand. I framed it and it looked fabulous. I decided to make two more for the Art Show and Sale this December 1st. They came out very well.

This was actually the second one I made.

This is the first one

This is a fabric landscape. I cant seem to stop making landscapes.

Command central. An entire box crammed with my own dyed, silk screened and printed fabrics. This is fun!!!

26 November 2018

Some painted papers

Just for fun.

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23 November 2018

More Tiny Buckets

I made twelve new cloth buckets. Here are eight. The other four are duplicates.

The bucket on the lower right is mine but I threw it in for the sale. I can always make myself another one if they all sell - fingers crossed.

I also have this hexi (1.75") template for anyone who wants it. Leave a comment.

21 November 2018

Stratford upon Avon

This was our first stop in England. This is where my daughter in law was raised.

Royal Shakespeare Company

On the train

Train ride. It seemed everyone brought their dog along everywhere they went, even into restaurants. He was 15 years old and out for a last hurrah.

The Avon 

Swans on the Avon

From the Ferris Wheel

Shakespeare's home


Main Street (High Street in the UK)

19 November 2018

More Zip Bags

Marcella wanted to learn to make a zip bag so we made this one while she was visiting. It had appliqued circles and is quilted.

I love these two fabrics so I made this lined

I painted this zipper to match then accidentally zipped the tab right off the zipper. I ended up with a white zip but it is hidden by the flap.

This one is batiked linen.

It has the same watermelon fabric as a lining with all seams hidden.

And last but not least, an indigo dyed batik. I love this bag lined with yellow to make seeing inside easier.

Dyed and quilted

A splurge of fifty 16" zippers!!!!

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16 November 2018

Zip bags

I have purchased some lovely bags from Max & Rosie which I showed on a previous post. I have always been fascinated with box bags and I thought I'd try my hand at one. WELL! They are much more difficult to make than you might have thought. I didn't want one with raveling seams exposed so I looked for instructions for a lined bag with both the outer and inner lining with no seams showing. You actually have to make two bags, finish each one then turn them inside out then lining in. Not so easy. It took me an entire day to make my first bag making a multitude of mistakes and ripping out countless stitches. 

The first mistake I made on this bag was putting in the blue zip I painted to match the indigo bag I had cut out; the pink zip laying on the work table ignored!!

I had to use a flash on this rainy and dark day and the vibrant colors are so washed out.

This is that fabulous fabric I made using the silk screens and thickened dye during the Maine Event.

Lining from some fabric I used to catch the dye under a project. Looks like watermelon.

As I've said many times, I am NOT an embroiderer. These are what I refer to as "crowbar stitches".

Thinks I will give it another try tomorrow.

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14 November 2018

Flora from the UK


Three below are a Monkey Tree

Smiling apple