28 February 2019

New workshop - Cuddlies

The first workshop at Maine Coast Surface Design Workshops this May

Pattern on Pellon

Dyed cheese cloth ears and felted heart with a dense fleece body

Linen with deconstructed silk screen ears

Tiny bear is made from wool suiting

Bear "Priscilla" made from a white wool French Army blanket, vintage doll dress with a hand knit cardigan.

Her pink nails and toes are actually pink marks along the selvage of the wool blanket

This is my cuddly that was given to me when I was born 70 years ago. She is well loved.

27 February 2019

Brandon learns to sew

If you want a huge laugh, please watch this YouTube video. It's under nine minutes

25 February 2019

Rock, paper, scissors

Remember the rock I covered in the papers I painted in ink this past summer?

Well, I had another rock and not a lot of new ideas so I thought I would "occupy" the day making another.

I bought this gell medium and I can't believe it was so shiny. I looked on the jar and nowhere did it say gloss. Sigh. I will re-coat with the stuff that says Matte!!!

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21 February 2019

Monoprints of my sketches

I used an oil based water soluble ink to make these. 

The first one was the first print with way too much ink on the plate.

Followed by

They started to get a bit better

 I couldn't wait for them to dry so that I could go back into them with watercolor. I waited 4 days for the ink to dry then tried this

The ink was dry and took watercolor well

These were supposed to be birds on a power line. All they did was make voids on the plate on the next piece. I forgot to re-ink the plate

I watched a DMTV show where Linda showed how to save (possibly) failed pieces.

It worked

One of the two best monoprints

This was a really old print plate I made years ago and I was just fooling around.

This was a geometric image I sketched in my book while looking at a nightscape of Cleveland. It was a total mess so I went back into it with...

Collage, watercolors, colored fountain pen, pencil, graphite stick, chalk marker, white gell pen and a bullet nosed Sharpie. I think I saved it!

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18 February 2019

quick sketches of potential landscapes

I am currently working on the one below.


The weeds below was supposed to be a thermofax but the prices have gone up and I decided to wait to order. The lines would also make good stitching lines (Drawn to Stitch, Gwen Hedley)

Three violet blossoms I am pressing under weight. See these this summer!!

I also decided to use these paint pens from Derwent to do writing in my sketchbooks.

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14 February 2019

Valentines Day

Three Valentines

This is for my friend Ellen

This two sided one is for my sister

Yes, you guessed it. For my partner Brian.

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11 February 2019

Working in my sketchbook

I have been working in my sketchbook using various techniques. Sometime I just write; other times I paint or sketch. Using print as a design element is one of the techniques I am using since I am surprisingly doing a lot of writing.

A quick water color of a photo taken years ago and recently found.

Collage with painted papers with over painting with added script.

Sketch of a dog done with solid graphite the erased to create the wispy dog hair. I was also trying out some old fountain pens in various colors both to see if they still worked and what were the colors of ink.

I did the watercolor background the night before then decided to try white in script.

This is my fave. The night before I laid down a background of newsprint attached then covered in gell medium. I overpainted in shades of grey and used sgraffito to make trees in a fog. The trees were text. I love it.

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