06 February 2012

Meagan on Monday and the great anniversary give away day one.

Monday  Some of you may recognize this book as the technique of the month from the And then we set it on fire blog. I think this  would be great for someone living in a country where this book is NOT available. If you cannot get this book in your country, please leave a comment in the comment box on Monday. I will ship to any country.

If you CAN get this book where you live, please leave a comment and you may win this hand dyed fabric. They are full half yards (folded in half). The fabric on the right is 40"X18"
Now about Meagan.

I wrote a bit about her in this blog and how we met. We have been meeting at least once a week and working on a collaborative piece for an exhibit at Waterfall Arts the end of February. The theme for all the participants is Water (actually H20). If I am not mistaken, there are all sorts of artists participating in collaboration with young people who are assigned to them. I think this includes visual, and performance arts as well. At any rate, Meagan and I decided to do a large piece of shibori dyed cotton which we are calling, "Coastal Pollution". We tried a technique which didn't get us the result we were looking for so we thought of shibori which is very watery looking. This was our operating sketch.
We tried 2 blues and black but again did get the look we wanted so we stuck with one blue (navy) and black and did achieve the desired results.
 This is the pole wrapped shibori with dye and covered with a plastic bag. This was a very quick 30 minute dye with heated rice bags.
 This is the pole with fabric at both  ends and the rice bags on top then covered with a towel below

 And below soaking in ice water after wash out. I will wash all the pieces together when we are done.
Friday we got together and laid out our squares on the floor which I trimmed to 12.5" squares with a template. Then I stitched them togther. I cut backing and batting but I am unsure if I will stretch this as a whole piece of stretch each component onto the frame. This week I buy the lumber to make the stretcher which will be 45" X 45" but hung on point.
This is how far we have come with the piece hanging over the edges f my portable design wall.
Seeing it on the wall, I think I need to make another black piece for the bottom. The folds were not on the bias and the marks look very out of place. Oh well, I still have 3 weeks...
See you tomorrow for the Tuesday Big Giveaway. Don't forget to leave your comments.


  1. I'm in the UK so I'm guessing I could find this book on Amazon! I'm off to check it out!
    I love your shibori fabric!

  2. I love your weblog and the results of the shibori dying are wonderful.
    I live in the Dutch Caribbean on the very beautiful but small island Saba and we don't even have a bookshop down here. I would love to get the book.
    My email is emommers@unspoiledqueen.com.

  3. I can order this book abroad, but not in my country The Netherlands. I love this way of making quilts. Perhaps I will be the lucky one?
    greetings, Marjolijn van Wijk ad gmail dot com

  4. Like Marjolijn, I live in the Netherlands so I take it I can't order the book here either. Seeing the results you got with this book, I hope I'm the lucky one.
    The piece you're working on with Meagan is coming a long great. I agree with you about the black piece at the bottom.
    As a primary school teacher, I love the fact you're working with youth, passing along what you know (and we can learn so much ourselves in the process).

  5. I'm in the USA and already own Rayna's book.
    Enjoyed seeing the shibori work in progress.

  6. I read your book, and then I bought my own so I don't need another. But I would love to own your fabric!

    Yep, that bottom square doesn't work. Makes me think of the Sesame Street (?) song that goes "One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not like the rest." and then asks you to identify the odd one.

  7. I have this book and it is wonderful...so count me in for the fabric! Megan looks like she is really enjoying her venture into surface design!

  8. Wat a beautiful fabrics you made. So nice to see the colours.


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