31 March 2020

More on the sister quilt

Not too much to say about these

Just realized that I only had three blocks. Mine look so pathetic compared to my sister. She is certainly the master of precision!!!!

Susan has definitely outdone me. Hum!! Can I think of a good excuse??

27 March 2020

New scissors

The General Purposes Scissors are a decades-old pattern, cut from a batch of recovered blanks in 2020 by Ernest Wright. This is a blurb from Ernest Wright, the master scissor makers.

Here's some more back-story on our 6.5” general household scissors.
These particular scissors have been made from a treasure trove of discarded blanks, which was found at our workshop.
It turns out the blanks came from Lilleyman's, the last traditional forger of scissors and shears in Sheffield. The Kutrite and Ernest Wright works had a batch of around 8,000 pairs forged in the late 1980s – and the 300 blanks we found had remained here, untouched, since then.
The quality of the blanks is very high, so we decided to turn them into a limited edition general-purpose scissor, now available at our website.
These scissors have Sheffield running right through them, from being forged at Lilleyman's in the 1980s to their completion at the Ernest Wright workshop in the present day. Even the metal they're made from chimes with this city: hot drop forged Sheffield stainless steel.

I am so thrilled with these and as they say in Maine, "they are shap".

24 March 2020

Last two spreads

Here are the last two spreads


Just in case it escaped your notice, I am not really doing much surface design on fabric or sewing outside this quilt. I have just embarked on a 3 month long art study course that is taking A LOT of my time. I am sort of switching the emphasis of my work from fiber to painting and mixed media work. 

Please bear with my over the next three months. I'm sure I will have some fiber work stuck in there because it is my first love but I am getting old and finding I MUST paint before it is too late. Hang on, stick with me and who knows, it might even be interesting to see where I go with this.

19 March 2020

Back to the sister quilt

Here are Susan's latest blocks:

And here are mine:

16 March 2020

The my favorite spread in the concertina sketchbook

I call it black, white and red. Here is it:

As a matter of fact I have a section of this spread as the screen saver on my phone.

12 March 2020

Sister quilt

My sister Susan and I have been very busy working on the quilts. I decided I am going to auction mine off to the highest bidder with ALL the money going to "Pay it forward for kids", a local non-profit that pays childrens lunch fees. Our state has a LOT of food insecurity especially amongst children.

Here are some blocks

These four blocks are from another farm girl book. I substituted these four for four that I didn't like from the farm girl 2 book. Have I totally confused you yet?

I will embroider the dog's face details after the quilting is done

These are my sister's blocks.

10 March 2020

Second side of Concertina sketchbook

I haven't been doing much fiber work outside of the sister quilt. I know I showed the first spread on the second of the concertina sketchbook and the first layer of scraped paint on th next section. Here is the finished second spread:

I used every white material I own on this including white iridescent paint, gesso, tulip dimensional paint, inktense block, correction fluid, posca pen, white china marker, white chalk, oil pastel, and tempera paint stick. 
This was a lot of fun just trying different marks and mark making products.

06 March 2020

70 page concertina sketchbook side one finished

The 70 page concertina sketchbook closed after finishing one side (35 pages)


Book flipped over with 35 more clean white pages to work in.

First 8 page spread with first layer of marks using 7 different materials

Spread finished using about 10 more products

click on link

Scraped paint
first layer on second 8 page spread

Click on link at the bottom for a view of the entire first layer

Instead of washing all the unused paint away, I applied it to newspaper and an open spread in my daily sketchbook

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