08 February 2012

My randon selector and Wednesday's give aways

Tuesday's Winner is Dea. Email me using my email address in my profile with your address.

This is my brilliant random selector. I had this brainstorm as I was waking up that if I gave each comment a number that corresponded to the order in which the comment was left, then I could simply put numbers on slips of paper and pick a number (or 2) and the corresponding commenter would be the winner. This way there are no favorites, it doesn't matter in which order you left your comment and it would be truly random.
It worked. I wrote the numbers on slips, stirred them with my college pliers (left over from 37 years in dentistry), and plucked the two Monday winners from the bowl.
Yes, there are 11 slips of paper and only 8 comments that you see. But wait... Look at Friday's preview and you will find the three people jumped the gun and left their comments on Friday. I did include them and it is totally fair because no one got preferential treatment. All 11 comments went in the "Monday bowl"
So far today (I am writing this blog on Tuesday) I have 4 comments. I have 2 thoughts I wanted to share with you that have nothing to do with art quilting.
The first is my questioning whether people who give away things really give them out randomly or do they look for a friend or a "cute" comment. I wanted to be very fair and thought the random number bowl was a great idea.
The second thing I wanted to discuss was "advertising" this give away on my 2 favorite yahoo groups. I would have tons of comments from people who wanted the prizes. But then I thought, #1, what are my motives. I kind of like the way my blog works now where people who like to see what I am doing read it and tell their friends and #2, why create a huge pool of comments which will lessen the chance of people who actually do read my blog from winning. So I didn't blanket the internet with ads for my give away.
I have come to "know" so many of you readers and commenters and think of you as friends in a way - my internet art friends. You are the people I want to celebrate my anniversary with. As you might have noticed , I have quite a few "friends" from The Netherlands. Who knows. I might make a trip one day and go on a blog tour of The Netherlands.

Don't forget to leave a comment today whether you have won or not this week. Keep entering all week.
I'll be back tomorrow with something related to art quilts....


  1. Congrats for Dea. What a lucky girls these two days! Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow!
    gr. Marjolijn

  2. How nice for Dea. I am glad I discoverd your site. I like your work, I don't understand everything but I am glad there are so many pictures.
    I'm gone a follow you.

  3. Today we give our congrats to Dea, yesterday it was me. Jiiiihaaa. I allready thought there were not a lot of comments, now I can see why.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  4. Congrats for Dea.You have indeed a lot Dutch followers Beth. Maybe you could come to one of our quilt shows and meet your Dutch friends. :-)

  5. Congratulations to Dea! and thanks to you for the giveaways!
    I'm following from the UK!

  6. I live in the States so I have access to this book...still a nice giveaway though and so nice you are making it available to those who may not have access!

  7. Yesyesyes, do come over to the Netherlands, we will have so much fun!!

  8. Thank you for a great give away, Beth! I'm looking forward to playing with those beautiful threads.
    And another great prize today. This books looks fabulous.
    And do come to the Netherlands, I would love to meet you!

  9. I think your approach to your blog and your giveaways are is very open and caring about your followers. Keep up the good work. Mary Ellen


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