03 February 2012

5 Day Giveaway (Preview)

To celebrate my second year blogging, I decided to give away a treat every day for five days. This will start Monday. I want every one to see what is up for grabs and give you a chance to alert all your best friends so they can throw their comment in the ring. So here are treats.

Monday we start with a book. Some of you may recognize this book as the technique of the month from the And then we set it on fire blog. I think this  would be great for someone living in a country where this book is NOT available. If you cannot get this book in your country, please leave a comment in the comment box on Monday. I will ship to any country.
Tuesday I am giving away 10 skeins of hand dyed embroidery (pearl cotton) threads some are #8 and one is #3. Not being a thread person I'm not sure what that stands for but #8 is finer. The purple on the right is #3.. There is subtle variations in the colors and some are two colors blended. Anyone can leave a comment. The more the merrier. Each skein is approximately 10 yards long. On Tuesday I will also include a brief tutorial on how to handle, use and neatly store a 10 yard long skein of thread. Yes, there is a skill to it!

Wednesday is another (and last) book day. This is a wonderful book which covers many techniques. It is called "The Quilting Arts Book" and it can be seen using the link. On this site you can "seeing inside" and learn about all the wonderful techniques covered. One of the first articles features Linda and Laura Kemshall, my personal heroes. Laura demonstrated how to use and care for skeins of hand dyed thread (Tuesday's tutorial) on her show, DMTV. If you can't get this book in your country, leave that info in the comment box
Thursday we start with the fabric. I have a 36" X 45" piece of chartreuse shibori dyed silk haboti. You can use this in a quilt or use it whole as a scarf after hemming. It is accompanied by a 15" X 20" piece of hand dye painted silk. I think it is heavy weight silk haboti. It co-ordinates nicely with the shibori piece and they will go together to anyone picked who leaves a comment.

Friday will feature a 34" X 45" piece of silk Charmeuse. For you who may not know, silk charmeuse is satin on one side and crepe on the other. Although the colors are identical on both sides the appearance is quite different. This is the entire piece.

                              Above is the crepe side and the figures are crisp and very sharply defined.
                              Above is the same section on the satin side and it appears much softer.

Well, I hope I have whetted your appetite for a fun week of giveaways. I will also be including some posts to amuse and hopefully inform you while you are leaving comments. Each day I will announce the winner from the previous day's giveaway. See you Monday!

p.s. I am adding some hand dyed fabric to the "Book" days for those who CAN get the books so check the blog on Monday and Wednesday for additional goodies.


  1. I love the give aways. i live in the Netherlands. Greetings Anita

  2. My goodness - how generous!!! I'll be sure to let me my friend Deb know about both book giveaways as she can't get Rayna's in the UK and may not be able to get the Quilting Arts book!

  3. How very kind of you!!!! Who wouldn't be happy with just one of these give-a-ways!!!

  4. You are so generous! What a beautiful give-aways!


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