28 September 2020


While Mark and Marcella were doing their thing, I decided I wanted to monoprint

My lovely milkweeds

24 September 2020

making with marks

I decided to do another rock. I have two more waiting in the wings

21 September 2020

Playdate with Marcella and her brother Mark

Masks and face shields in place, we started out doing the project taping off discrete areas for paint

I really love the work above. So much texture.

We had loads of fun and Mark will return again. He is an artist in Portland Maine.

17 September 2020

Kakishibu pillow

Remember the marks in thickened dye we added to our faux kakishibu? I cut 2 squares both from the right side

This is the first one I stitched

Completed pillow.

This is what is up next.

 This just done 

14 September 2020

Playdate with Jean and Marcella

Jean saw a floor cloth she liked and we all decided to do some experimenting to see what designs/patterns/techniques we could cook up to make her a floor cloth for her studio. Marcella has been making and selling floor clothes for a long time so she was the go-to person for this project.

We started out painting after gessoing  in solid soft background colors

Then we applied paint using a sponge and the "chrysanthemum" tool pictured below. 

chrysanthemum tool

We didn't like the three "strips" of background even though we tried to blend them so we started over on another piece of gessoed canvas. We just used a sponge and it came out better. We still have a future playdate sent up to "improve" on the piece below by building up layers. Photos soon....

This was a second attempt. Still not there yet!

The sponge is gorgeous!

10 September 2020

ATC books

Have you ever experienced this? You have a ball making some really cool stuff and then you say, great, but  what will I do with it? After making the ATC's, I gave two away. Then Laura and Linda had this on DMTV.  Give it a try. 

Cute little sketchbook just perfect for tiny sketches with a coptic binding

Landscape cards in a concertina book

05 September 2020

DMTV Summer Stitch-a-long Project

FYI. This is still available for free on DMTV. I had quite a bit of trouble with the English Paper Piecing because I have a hard time holding a needle so I kind of did my own thing.

Indigo shibori with my hand carved stamps. The stamp on the back (feathers) is a continuous print stamp. I will be teaching how to cut this stamp at MidSummer Maine next summer as part of the 3-day workshop.

This is a cover for an A5 (6 X 9) Seawhite of Brighton Sketchbook. If you are interested in any of the Seawhite sketchbooks, use the contact form below or leave a comment.

03 September 2020


These marks were made with Sumi ink on tracing paper (from Blick in a pad). A few were done on yardage of tracing paper. I also made laser copies and then reduced them by 50% and made more copies.....until the toner ran out. I think I actually have a few more but this is good enough to give you a taste. I use the marks for collage and the ones on tissue for my rocks.  I also made the same marks in white on black paper.