30 May 2016

Exercises in "Creating Abstract Art"

This was an exercise about "line" using tape. I know no one would guess I would make something so colorless but it is a first step. I think this was exercise 6. There will be more layers.

Another exercise was about "mad painting". Just lay down color using whatever media you like. I used White India Ink for the first time. I have used "white-out" before but this a first for white India ink. I used the dropper in the lid.

This was another "background" but you know I think I want to use it for a journal cover. I can always change my mind.

25 May 2016

The dyes lured me in

Yesterday afternoon I decided to start watching more from the archives and note the name of the technique and where I can find it's workshop. I watched the four part "Painterly Piecing" archive and I saw something that got my attention. As you know I am all about dye (and hot wax). One of the shows talked about dyeing a piece of cloth in an array of colors and what one might make from it. I had some really old dyes in my refrigerator (like 9 months old) and I certainly have fabric so I thought this was something I could do with one hand.

 This is about a 60 X 60" square of cheap off white cotton from IKEA. It is also a heavier weight than I usually use.

Wet and scrunched into a tub. This would have been much easier with 2 hands.

Everything was cold and it is cold and blustery today so I hauled out my rice bags (see tutorial) I use these all the time to bring up the temp of the fabric that is batching

OLD STUFF dribs and drabs

Dead soldiers

So pretty

on the ironing board and bed

This is NOT my style of dyeing but I wanted to dye something and though I would try this rainbow method. The rest of the project requires cutting and (accurate) stitching but that is 3.5 weeks away yet. Meanwhile I can tell you I had a ball.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you how I rinsed the dye out of the fabric - in my driveway with a garden hose (hehe). NO WAY I could rinse that huge piece in the sink. I took pictures with my cell phone.

I will get back to this and finish the project since I hate UFOs.

20 May 2016

framing gifts

My cousin sent me a beautiful card of a red-wing black bird. Her neighbor made the prints and I was lucky enough to get this one.

Another wonderful gift I received was a collage from my dear friend Carmina In Romania. I will trim it a bit and I am having a mat cut for it. Carmina also sent some painted Tyvec pieces.

I wanted to give them a pretty place to live so I've put them in my sketchbook.

Lastly I had a piece of homemade paper hanging around from a DMTV project. I REALLY wanted to print one of my hand carved crow stamps on it KNOWING that the rough surface would give me a poor/broken print. I didn't care and did it anyways.

18 May 2016

Great new project

Transfer paint on polyester - Just to get your attention and has nothing to do with this post (smile)

This project is GREAT because I really need to lay low for a few more weeks and not overtax my shoulder.

OK, this is it. On DMTV, there are about 30 current programs you can watch. As new ones are added, the oldest one drops off. All is not lost because you can buy these archived shows in a few forms. I just received a four part "workshop" as a gift.  the person who gave it suggested I rest and immerse myself in these archived shows. That sounded like a plan and I went into the archive collection to view my new goodies. While there I also spotted a 3 show workshop which contained working with gouache and India ink. I REALLY wanted to see this technique again so I quickly and easily purchased the three show set (about an hour of instruction). This treat only cost me $6.54 for 3 shows. YES.

Well here is how I came up with my great "healing time" project. As I was watching the shows, various techniques were shown. Many of these I have already absorbed and use frequently like watercolor over oil pastels. BUT some of these techniques like the gouache and India ink process I couldn't remember. SO I opened a word document and started making notes on various techniques that I want to make mine and which video archive I saw them on. I am planning on watching the "Painterly Piecing" archive which was gifted to me plus the Beautiful Butterfly archive with the gouache and India ink. Now I can reference back to the shows in these archives whenever I want because I now have lifetime access!!

I originally only bought Archive One because I missed the first three shows done on DMTV. I will be happily viewing and annotating all my favorite techniques and which archive the instructions are on. Life is good!!

16 May 2016

Too much fun ( a little of everything) a la left-handed

A month or so ago, Marcella and I began to work the exercises in this book. We didn't just forget. Marcella's life got a bit complicated and we decided to give it a rest until she returned from Florida.

Meanwhile, I made these "background" marks as a first layer in a combination of exercises in the book. Mainly it said, don't think, just do. I made two background sheets 18 X 24. I should say my first two because I loved this and will do it again when I can lure someone over to play (smile). 

I used plain old colored chalk

 Vine charcoal

Cheap oil pastels

Watercolors and if I am not mistaken these are made with dyes (I could be wrong). The colors are intense and lovely.

First finished exercise.

Charcoal, India in circle with brush and hatched line with India ink from dropper

charcoal with India ink "drops". There is also peachy chalk. When I thought I was done, I was going to pass on the chalk but that required thought (not in play here) so I just grabbed a stick and colored away. 

NO CONTEST my favorite technique: oil pastels with watercolor wash over top. In fabric I LOVE batik (see how it translates)

More pastel and watercolor

Now I bet you want to play too!!

13 May 2016

a shot of color for the weekend

1.25 handed free motion quilting and a mistake but what the heck. It's just a book cover for an old book that I reference almost daily. I NEED color today so I tried to make this book cover. Hopefully my orthopedic surgeon will not find out. I am happy and have a sore arm. It would have been way to easy to take a photo of the fabric before I cut it....



There is a bit of wonkiness to the free-motion not really on purpose but kind of endearing (smile). I am happy and two Tylenol will take care of the shoulder.

11 May 2016

I'm really not trying to be boastful

I am just so thrilled that I was able to purchase one of Linda Kemshalls's "Small Works". I think the most exciting part was watching her actually stitch and paint the canvas on DMTV (Design Matters TV). Now it is hanging right in front of me.

Just  can't seem to take a straight picture one-handed

 I have been a subscriber for many years and it's the best art bargain. I think one of the things I love about DMTV and the Kemshalls is their wide use of many mediums. They dye, stitch, paint, paint on fabric, and sketch to name but a few. They taught me how to use sketchbooks and then to interpret my sketchbook work into fabrics. I have shown many of those "paper to fabric" pieces on this blog.

Another truly valuable bit of information I got from both mother and daughter is "permission" to work around a print of a photo by extending the scene, cutting out bits to collage in my sketchbook or even trace then move on to a design from that image. They sometimes refer to these a "quick cheats" but they are actually creativity primers.

I really can't say enough about both of these amazing women and their DMTV. One years subscription is actually less than most one day workshops. One year is just under $100. US dollars - a massive bargain. You have immediate access to about 30 archived shows so start with the oldest and watch them forward. No contest, this is the best money I have ever spent on art. It is priceless.

p.s. I am mending well and thanks for the kind wishes

09 May 2016

Thought I would stick up a few pictures

Vibrantly alive

Mother's day flowers from my beautiful daughter

My two magnolia trees