Paste Paper

This is an introduction to making paste paper. So why would you want to make paste paper? I use this paper as book covers and to cover small boxes. Here are the basics.You can make it on simple copier paper all the way up to large sheets . I have always used sketch paper because of the size (18 X 24) and its flexibility.

Paste Recipe (for Paste Paper)

3T white rice flour
  1. 4 T unbleached flour
  2. 3 cups cold water
  3. 1/2 t glycerin
  4. 1 t Dawn or Dr. Bronners green soap

Whisk rice and wheat flour in a pan, add a small bit of water to make a roux - maybe a half cup. When smooth add all water and heat med/high til almost boiling. Don't boil. When just about to boil turn down heat and cook 2 more minutes. Add soap and glycerin. Cool. Will keep covered in refrigerator for a month or more.

A wet (both sides)  piece of heavy sketch paper 18 X 24. You can get the handles to make a smacker below here (Cheap price and FREE shipping - get a few)

                                 meat tray with paste and acrylic paints

Mixing acrylic paint in with paste  No real rule here. The more paint, the deeper the color. The more paste, the paler the color.

                                 Making green with the yellow and adding paste

Surface covered with paste/paint 

First smack. I don't wipe it off just keep smacking. I can even lift one color in an area and add it to another spot.

I added this picture to show laying the smacker down ( lower left) on the wet paste/paint so that when lifting it makes the smack impression.




Entire sheet which looks a bit like a map of the Yucatan Peninsula

and more examples

 Marcella made this carved wine cork for me.
 Rubber bands on a lint roller from the Dollar Tree
 Credit card and wallpaper seam roller
 Comb and cork roller stamp
 Smacks but I think with the paste on the smack then on the paper ???? Not sure
 Credit card and notched trowel
 Comb and Credit card
 carved stamp


  1. I came here from today's blog post. Really fun paper! I'll be forwarding the whole blog to several friends. Thanks!

  2. Fabulous papers. Love all the different marks you've made and the tools you've used to make them.


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