10 February 2012

Hello my friends and the friday give away / Hallo mijn vrienden

Today's random winner was Marjolijn. You can email me with your address and I will mail out the silk. Today is also silk but if you would prefer a surprise rather the silk, You can choose the silk charmeuse below OR a surprise package of quilting things. There will also be a second number for the green fabric I forgot from Wednesday.

I am over the moon. I have just found translate.goggle.com and I can now translate all the blogs I follow which are in Dutch only without a translate button. Most are in English and I find myself more embarrassed daily by all the followers who speak or write so nicely in English while I am ignorant of Dutch. I do speak German like a 2 year old but I lived there for over a year and it was enough to get by in the shops. I am hoping Dutch will be as easy as German was. This is my new goal!

I just deleted this huge blog post about a piece I made. Instead I'd like to talk about the future. In the coming weeks I will be creating a tutorial on what I refer to as "tray dyeing". I was just reading Joke's blog about snow dyeing and she was comparing her work to work by another person (I think. I am relying on translate). That made me remember that I wanted to do a post on tray dyeing. When I dye fabric, I throw in all sorts of things like thread, scrim, burlap and sports bras - yes, sport bras. I have quite a wonderful collection of them. That is another subject for another day. So the tray dyeing blog is coming soon. Very easy and not too messy.

I also want to tell you about a HUGE surprise on the Fire blog. We are having a guest blogger who just wrote a new book which is not even out yet. She will be blogging about a unique technique from her book and we will be giving away a copy of her book. My news is that I will also give away a copy of her book on my blog. I think this will be a do-not-miss event.

Today's give away is a really beautiful piece of silk charmeuse. Please leave a comment and thanks so much for helping me celebrate belatedly, my second anniversary. I dyed this in acid dyes in the microwave oven in 5 minutes. I LOVE acid dyes AND my "dye only" microwave oven. Maybe that is another tutorial blog post??

And also this green fabric that I forgot to put on the Wednesday blog. I don't know where my mind is. I will pick a second name for the green fabrics today. Although this looks like Mondays fabrics, they are different (and still sitting here!).


  1. So you do understand Dutch now, I will write in Dutch. Gefeliciteerd Marjolein, leuk hè?

  2. No. I am still cheating with translate.google.com. I expect my "Learn Dutch" CD's today along with a Dutch/English dictionary.

  3. I am very curious about your sportbras!

  4. These are really beautiful. I love seeing what you are doing each day!

  5. Perhaps you could tell us more about dyeing silk and microwave dyeing! I would love to learn!

  6. Sportbras? You make us very curious.

  7. One word a day, brings you to Holland one day.
    So todays word is: MOOI. Which means beautifull. And that's what the fabric is!

  8. I once dyed scraps in my regular
    microwave using non toxic dyes...now I know it is so worth it to invest in a thrift store microwave for dyeing. My microwave walls got splattered with the various colors which it still sports today!!!

  9. And I am so thrilled! I am the lucky one. Every day I check all the weblogs, but yesterday I didn't because I had a two day workshop. This is quit a surprise!
    gr. Marjolijn

  10. Congratulations, Marjolijn!
    How nice that you want to learn Dutch, Beth!


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