03 December 2020

I've got the "printing" bug

I have been drooling over print presses. The cheapest was about $250. and didn't get great reviews. From there they climb to $4000. so I decided to start small and used my pasta machine. 

I couldn't find my great printing paper (color me surprised) so I used the paper I use in my sketchbooks. I am just experimenting. I used Burnt Sienna and black Caligo Safe Wash ink. It's water clean up oil based paint. Great stuff on paper and even better on fabric. It takes 3 days to dry. Some of these were done on damp paper and some dry paper. Afterward I used up some of the ink on monoprnts using dictionary pages.


The plates were made from hard cardboard (chip board - cereal box material). People my age will call this shirt cardboard. Two were "primed" with matte acrylic medium and had images made with more acrylic medium. The other two were on untreated chip board with clear blue elmer's glue images. These were not as successful long term because the untreated chip board became soaked in ink and the images were obscure. The treated chip board was better. I primed 6 more "plates" with matte medium and will do more experimenting tomorrow.