30 March 2016


Linda and Laura have gone to a new website. It is colorful and fun and has a forum with interesting topics and free video workshops. It is definitely worth a look. As I have mentioned, I have been indulging in DMTV for years and it has really made a difference in how I view art and create. Take a peek.

28 March 2016

New twist on traditional pattern

My favorite quilt pattern is Drunkard's Path. I don't know why I keep going back to it but I am on an exploratory jag now. Remember this piece? I do believe I see the hint of a drunkards path in there. 

I decided to stop hinting and make four 6" rubber stamps to play with. I would like to develope this idea a bit more

In Sketchbook

X marks the spot to remove

Stay tuned for experiments.

25 March 2016

Just a little silliness

The truth is that I am addicted to Chinese food. The place I go to doesn't have very good food but the fortunes are marvelous. It is also cheap. These fortunes are so great that I save them and make bookmarks by laminating them to paste paper or colorful gelli prints.

If you'd like one, leave a comment and I will mail one to you.

23 March 2016

Janine finally made it

and we used the gelli plates. I am happy to announce that the slimy vegetarian plate from Laura Kemshall on DMTV is now perfect. I used it and it was fine, not slimy at all. I guess it just needed to "set up" a bit over time.

Just a reminder that the vegetarian plate made with Agar is 12 X 18. It is also very thick and robust.

Here is Janine printing on fabric with fabric paints on a gelatin plate I've had for about 9 months.

Below is a monoprint I made using the vegetarian plate. Yes, it is that firm.

A good time was had by all and I am hoping she can come back next week with Judith.

21 March 2016

Making Chenille

This month on the FIRE blog, Helen Howes is blogging about fabric manipulation. I have done two pieces so far. The first one was 13 layers of hand dyed fabric.

This is so thick and soft. I will made an 18" square cushion using this on one side and a solid fabric on the other

This is a piece of fabric from Laura Kemshall's Fingerprint collection. She took this photo and printed the fabric with MX dyes. This particular piece is a soft cotton 9" X 9". I used 4 layers of fabric under it carefully not cutting through the last layer which is green. I will make another 18 X 18 cushion using a "frame" of solid hand dyed fabric on one side and solid on the other.


Stitch lines drawn with white pencil on the bias grain then slashed with the grain.

Washed and dried

I also have a huge 18 X 18 piece of this print on a heavy poplin and I may use that for he opposite side of he cushion. When my pillow inserts finally get here and I finish these two cushions, I'll post photos.

18 March 2016

Exercise 1 & 2 in color

I got out this large sheet of paper and made 11 dots. Then I decided to draw my line from and to each dot. This was actually a lot of fun.

I used oil pastels, china marker and watercolors. I really like this.

16 March 2016

Marcella's exercises

Here I go! Notice the exquisite pencil case!

This first exercise is going to take some thought readjusting, for me.  Here is why...During my teaching days, I "developed" a couple of lesson plans that are very similar to this, and I did these from kindergarten to 8th grade. BTW every age had a blast doing this! One was eventually dubbed, Mrs. C's Quirky Creatures, and it was just like the 1st exercise, but after they connected the dots they would look at it from different angles, and then find the features of "a creature". Here is a before and after. Imagine the spaces filled with pattern and color, and maybe a few more features.

So, long story short...I don't think you will want to post these, because it may not seem like I'm serious about this process, but then again, this is supposed  to be fun and serve as warm up's right?! Hopes this makes you laugh...it's a reminder for me to not take myself so seriously!

Here is a before/after

​The black lines are the initial connect the dots/then the pencil lines...

​Here is the final...feels like doodling...But fun! 

15 March 2016

Exercise one and two

Start with a full sheet of paper ( 9 X 12) and make 11 dots. Connect the dots anyway you'd like first using just black and white and second with color and more. 

These are my first 5 attempts.

and some more work in B/W 

India Ink and a japanese calligraphy brush

Fountain pen
The "soft" dots above and below are made with a sponge pouncer and an ink pad.

11 March 2016

Marcella started it

I think you are all familiar with my three "art" friends. Judith is my artistic muse, Janine is the new kid on the block and Marcella I have known for years. She was an art teacher most of her life and falls into the "paper" category for the most part. She has gotten me interested in paper and I have gotten her a bit into fabric. No matter what the subject, when I teach a workshop, Marcella is there. And that is how this all started - Marcella is there, in Florida til the spring. She emails frequently and lately mentioned a book she is "playing" with. I got the book as well and thought I would work on the exercises along with her.

Last night I stitched up a new sketchbook just for these experiments. I will mention Marcella taught me how to make books as well as the paste paper I use to cover them. Thanks Marcella!

This is the book I will be using. So none of these ideas are mine but I will share my "take" on them and maybe you will play along. This isn't a formulaic book; Do this and do that. It just has suggestions for directions to go in. I have never liked "Buy my book and I will show you how to make art like mine" books. Reminds me of a workshop I took where the presenter showed the participants how to make quilts just like hers. I walked out.

This may not be your thing but anything that can help me to think creatively and get those juices flowing is worth a try in my estimation.

09 March 2016

08 March 2016

Nature as Art

I kept these bulbs over the winter in my refrigerator. I usually force them around Christmas time but this year I had surgery on Dec 22 so no blooms. I can tell you I am thoroughly enjoying them grow day by day.

Romanesco Cauliflower 

I can tell you I am steaming this with some sliced parsnips for lunch right this moment. YUM.

04 March 2016

Stretched and framed

Detail of the stitching

The piece ready to stretch


The T-square and special "cutting" ruler. Mine is 24".

Wrapped and ready for framing.

 "There's one in every family"
18" X 19.5"

Hanging in my studio