11 February 2012

The last winners and belated photos

Today's winners are Nienke for the silk charmeuse or the surprise and the second winner of the two pieces of dyed cotton goes to Dotti.

There was so much interest in my dyed sport bras, I will post a picture later today (when the sun comes up). It's too dark to take pictures now (5am) so I'll add them to this post in about 3 hours so check back later.

Nienke, let me know if you want the silk or a surprise and include your email address. Both you and Dotti can email me using the email option under my profile.

Thank you to all my blogger readers for making this week mooi and so much fun for me. Next week I will have another tutorial for you to see.

Here are a few of my sports bras. I buy the 2 white, one pink 3/pack and I over-dye the pink one also.

 The two on the bottom I did with the FIVE who started the FIRE blog. They were done with ice dyeing in the summer at Kathy Molatch's studio. What a fun day. I don't remember how I did the pink and blue ones but the blues/greens is a tray dye which I will do a tutorial on next week. It is a fabulous way to dye anything and it is especially effective because I can so easily add scrim, thread, burlap and even sports bras.


  1. Last but not least, congrats to Nienke. MOOI hoor.

  2. What a great Saturday surprise to wake up to. Thank you so very much Beth!

  3. I love our bras! (Words I never thought I'd say.) ;)

  4. Today lucky Nienke, congrats to her!
    I am so sorry these bras don't fit me.
    gr. Marjolijn

  5. Wow, that's good news! I love your silk piece, lucky me. Time to learn your second dutch word: ZIJDE.
    Mooie zijde means beautifull silk, and the best news is, it's mine :-).
    Dank je voor de mooie zijde, and thanks for sharing with us your 2nd anniversary!

  6. Congrats to Nienke. And thank you, Beth, for your genoristy.
    Love those bras! :D

  7. What a lovely Silk / Zijde you've won Nienke en what a wonderfull dyes you're making Beth. You're a great inspiration to us all.


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