24 October 2010


After a morning of going crazy not being able to get to my blog's dashboard, I am returning to sanity as I look at the words SEWSEWART.
Here are a couple of pics of things I've been working on - some alone and some with friends.
 This is a piece I monoprinted, then I used my handmade stamp of the feather then silk screened the large 2 toned feathers in a sunburst design. I like it and may develop it later.

This piece was discharged through a thermofax screen using the new product, deColourant. It was no muss no fuss but I'm not married to it yet. I also used the discharge with a replacement color below.
  I don't see any difference between this 2 step (discharge/ replacement color and just plain screening in fabric paint. Still not married to it.

I had some screens made by Lyric and I screened them onto a 12X12 muslin sandwich I made for an experiment with Tyvek. You can see the purple tyvek leaf and the brown images I screened. I made them all from real objects I scanned and manipulated in PS elements I really like the long skinny pine cone.

I also took a piece of commercial fabric I had made a monoprint on and screened some poppies - also a new screen. These poppies were a REAL JOB to get to the point where they would make a nice screen. I really like them.

I then took a piece of parfait dyed cloth in reds and brown and screened my new circle scribble screen, square scribble screen and the large brown spray screen. It would look better had I screened the dark spray first then the more delicate scribbles. I actually love all three screens and will do a lot more with them in the future. It's difficult to see the delicate circle but check out the detailed photo and squint!

At play group we boiled silk men's ties in water with vinegar (see this month's Quilting Arts Magazine). I did my first batch which is darker in color following directions and the second batch after opening the ties up, ironing them flat and boiling. I did an off white bunch (pictured) and some on light blue dupiono.

I saw a YouTube on people sketching a monoprint and thought I'd try it. I didn't know how much working time I had so I scribbled a couple of trees. I wouldn't show it but it's necessary to show not everything you do comes out very well - my way of saying, yuck!

Guess it's time to get my stressed out self OFF the computer. And all this after accidentally checking out 2 audio books in the WRONG format preventing me from checking out anything else for a week....Technology has offered me 2 smack downs in 2 days....I'm of to lick my wounds.......

01 October 2010

I'm IN

I just signed up for the Jane Dunnewold Workshop at ProChemical being held May 11-15, 2011. Here is a clip of Jane at the Fesitival of Quilts in Birmingham England. She is demoing her soy crayons. This is the subject of the workshop in May.

I am very excited. Maybe some of my SAQA friends will come too!