29 December 2015

Five more blocks

I was listening to a Stephen King book on MP3 and just sitting at my sewing machine strip sewing 18 different 2.5" wide strips of fabric. It was fun. Then I cut each of them into 2.5" wide rows. I was having such a good time listening to my book, I just stitched on and on. Here is the block. Yes, I do see the row I sewed incorrectly.

Then I still had tons of these sewn strips so I came up with this idea.

I had this beautiful batik table runner from about 6 years ago that I never used so I cut it into three 18" blocks and quilted them with a meander.

I couldn't find any of my multitude of quilting gloves so I used a plain old pair of latex gloves. They gripped beautifully. 

25 December 2015

More DMTV art journal pages

This is a bouquet of lavender a friend gave me. Yes, I spelled it incorrectly.

This a rubbing of some oak leaves I picked up on a walk with Owen.

22 December 2015

The idea just crossed my mind

I was cleaning the house the other day when I went to move this stool in my kitchen. No one really sits on it yet I seem to find things to set on it over and over. The seat pad/cover was an ugly beige and the idea just crossed my mind to cover it with some of my hand dyed fabric. I like it.

18 December 2015

3 more blocks

Here are  three more blocks - 16" squares for the QAYG quilt for my cousin Patricia.

Variations on the Drunkards Path.

15 December 2015

Custom orders

I was fortunate to get 2 special orders for Triangle Bags

The one in back is 19" long and 5" high for some very old knitting needles

The taller bag is 16" long for long knitting needles but 8" high to accommodate a ball of yarn at one end.

This is a little zippered coin purse for my daughter. It is made from some of my lovely batiked linen.

11 December 2015

Portraits of Daisy

I'm sure many of you remember that I got my sweet ball of sunshine, Owen, a year ago. 

We found him through PuppyLoveME. They are wonderful people in Southern Maine that rescue dogs from Louisiana. In gratitude to them for all they do and have done for me, I donated a pet portrait for their annual auction. A lovely woman from coastal Maine won the auction and I made two portraits of her wonderful dog Daisy. Daisy is a 16 year old beagle. She is so old, she has lost all her color. I was sent puppy and young adult photos of Daisy and she did have the traditional marking of a beagle. They have faded to white with age. It was a privilege to make these portraits and I thought you might enjoy them too.

This is the fabric portrait 9 X 12

This is the watercolor 4 X 6

8 X 10 frame

08 December 2015


This is old fabric I made last year but I thought I would trot it out again since these were prints done directly from leaves onto fabric. Nice!

This is similar to prints I made about 5 or 6 years ago. I used tiny pieces of packaging tape to create an image like tiny mosaic tiles but in tape (smile)

Below is the oil based ink which makes tar look like a stroll in the park both in application and mess

Ink applied to the card board and tape "printing plate". It was applied with a credit card (not easily) and removed with balled up newspaper.

First two prints from my pasta machine printing press. Card board print plate all inked up. soaked and blotted heavy rag paper and a quilt batting cover. Roll'em boys!

I printed them two by two.

By the time I got to the last 2 prints, the tape was starting to curl and come off the print plate. Not to mention the amount of work to ink up and wipe off the plate each printing. Phew! I'm done

Aren't these really beautiful? 

Below is the plate which really is a treat for the eyes.

04 December 2015

DMTV Art Journal

The inkjet image on the top of the page is the cut out of the stencil I used to silk screen the lower color image. I did a bit of free motion on this small sandwich and have included it in the art journal

Picked on a walk with Owen

Dry colored pencil

Wet water soluble pencil sketch

01 December 2015

Paste Paper Party

Friday Judith and Marcella came over and we made paste paper.

I think they are coming back next week for more fun

These sheets are 24 X 18

The sheet below is half (12 X 18)

Detail of sheet above

All I can say is YUM