31 October 2014

The haul from my trip

I went to Malta for a week then Amsterdam for a week all in a small carry-on bag so room for loot was limited. I had to ask myself, "Do I really need this?"
My two splurge items were an IKEA catalog in Dutch and the book with all of Van Gogh's works in them.

I love IKEA so this was in a way of a pilgrimage. 

I also bought two organic cotton scarves, one for me and the other for Judith. This is mine.

No surprise it's purple and green (smile).

In Amsterdam on Monday's there is a fabric market. It went on for blocks and blocks like maybe a quarter mile - no kidding.

See how far you can see down that road (look at the trees and steeple in the distance)? That's how far the fabric market was set-up. I knew I couldn't afford (size and weight) to get yardage so I settled for this ribbon and a turquoise leather book.

The book had crappy paper but that kind of wasn't the idea. I ended up gluing all the various pieces of paper I accumulated on the trip into it.

As I mentioned, the best was being with Nienke and going to the museums.

29 October 2014

Cutting Paper

This was an exercise I did first cut in paper then the final one in cloth. I used black, white and tracing paper. They are certainly not great works of art but I like them so I hung them on the wall.

27 October 2014

This is my 5th anniversary of Sewsewart

I just returned from 15 days in Malta and Amsterdam. Had it not been for this blog, I never would have been in Amsterdam. I was met at the airport by Nienke, who I met through this blog. What a small world we live in now because of the internet. We went to the Rijks Museum. Nienke had given me a ticket this past year during the worst part of my chemotherapy. I kept that ticket next to my desk and knew I would one day use it with Nienke; that I would go to Amsterdam. What a great trip and what an amazing and loving person Nienke is.

I am very grateful to the internet, blogs and the opportunity to meet beautiful people like Nienke. Folks can share their art and ideas. Distance barriers are broken down. Love of art and surface design is shared.


Outdoor cafe where we had lunch by sycamore trees which I had never seen before.

So I think this is a very appropriate post for my fifth blog anniversary. Gratitude for the lovely people met from all over the world, friendships made and ideas exchanged. 

06 October 2014

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

I was asked to teach an indigo dyeing workshop by some friends in the Bar Harbor area. I'm not sure how much of a teacher I was since I didn't make the indigo vats. Our hostess, Lynn, made both a pre-reduced and a "from scratch" vat. I did show some shibori resists including my favorite - the vinyl air vent.

 Here is the piece with the vinyl air vent.

I also used a rope on this rayon scarf

And Plexiglas rectangles held closed with rubber bands on this rayon scarf

I didn't manage to get permission to use photos of anyone but this doesn't show identifiable faces

Our indigo "blueing" in a tree

Our string removal center

Boy, you want to talk about fun!!  I just wish I didn't have to run home so quickly. I can't wait to do this again.

03 October 2014

Back home From the Crow Barn

I am home for a week before I go to Malta to visit my son and his family then on to Amsterdam. Before I go and leave you with pre-scheduled posts, I just wanted to tell you what a "creative" life changing experience I had at Nancy Crow's Barn in my workshop with Terry Jarrard Dimond. I actually had no idea what this workshop would be like. I've been to workshops where the presenter showed you how to make quilts like her. I actually walked out of an expensive workshop like that.

This workshop was called Design Boot Camp and that's exactly what we learned - the principles and elements of design. Since you can simply look these up online, I am not giving away any arcane information.

Elements: Line, Shape/Form, Color, Value, Texture, Space/Perspective.

Principles: Pattern, Rhythm/Movement, Proportion/Scale,Balance, Unity, Emphasis.

Being an older person, I have been reading these elements for years but never knew how to apply them. Terry made learning so easy. Now, I'm not saying I got this right away because I didn't but I am starting to get it and see it in a "workable" way now.

We spent a lot of time doing exercises which I won't be posting but I will post the last four "fabric sketches" I made. The first two are about 20 X 20 and the last 2 about 14 X 20.

I am so looking forward to developing some ideas I have as soon as I get back at the end of October. I certainly hope I have the opportunity to study with Terry again!!

01 October 2014

An announcement

I will be in Amsterdam Oct 15 to 21. I actually leave the 22nd but midday. If anyone would care to visit, please let me know. I will be attending the DIY school on Sunday and all other days will be mostly museums and galleries.