31 May 2017

More about my deconstructed play date with Judith

It is Judith's birthday tomorrow and we had a dye filled play date today. Judith set up her screens with "LINES". Mine were solid horizontal strips. Judith is the queen of deconstructed LINE screens.

Her huge screens (maybe 22 X 22)

Lines in vertical orientation with yellow dye

Second pass with horizontal orientation

This is what is left of her circle screen. She made fuchsia circles with thickened dye and left them to dry on the screen then deconstructed them with blue thickened dye. 

She rotated the screens for a second pass and they were fabulous. When the circles deconstruct, the dye acts as a resist but breaks down around the edges giving her a white circle outlined in fuchsia. The negative space was blue from the blue thickened dye.

This is what my table cover looks like. Won't this be a beauty when I finally remove it and batch it?

29 May 2017

Deconstructing the screens

The screens I had deconstructed on the last post came out very anemic and needing more layers. If you remember a few weeks ago I made some thermofax screens expressly for these anemic prints. I first started using the screens each, together and staggered THEN added more color by deconstructing the screens I had previously set up. Here they are:  

You can really see the "wheat" screen on the light background. 

The beige linen was SO DRY, I started my spraying the fabric with soda ash water THEN screening on olive dye using the thermofax screens. The one above is "grass" below and "wheat" above.

Here is another on a stronger screen but I still added more color with another screen.

This is my absolute favorite and probably the first I will put in a finished landscape. I will have 3 landscapes in a show and sale (emphasis on the sale) in Deer Isle Maine next month. Wish me luck.

Just a deconstructed screen (for now) who know what I will do with it in the future.

One "interesting" print and three great future landscapes.

 bottom screen flipped to correct perspective
 Love this one
 Interesting and maybe a great one. We'll see when they are washed out and ironed.

27 May 2017

Book Winner

Book Winner

Jody, Contact me using the contact form below.
I need your postal address

26 May 2017

Finished pieces and more screens

While my deconstructed prints were drying on the line, I set up the old screens for Judith's new Play Date this coming Saturday. I photographed the washed and dried print. They are a bit faint but I DID take a chance printing them on a  medium beige linen.

Faint but looks like trees/forest - another layer needed


Nice clean up rag

Five screens done on white fabric. More layers needed but still good.

I like this too and will add more layers 

Screens set up for another go.

In process

My set-up. I am using a thin bubble wrap, burlap (dark splotch) and wrinkled waxed paper

Another clean up cloth that needs more "action"

What I made in 10 days. Thank you my muse, Judith...

Another book giveaway for those reading this post

24 May 2017

Judith's batiked pieces

These are from our recent playdate. They are hanging on Judith's line at her house "drying" out.

Another surprise giveaway for those who are reading this post

Winner picked on the 27th so check back,; it could be you.

22 May 2017

More batik and de con silk screening

Judith came over again and I am LOVING these frequent visits. She was here yesterday and will return next Saturday. Yipee. I haven't had this much fun all winter.

After she left last week, I used some of the thickened dye to set up some silk screens for deconstructing. I broke them down with print paste on pre-treated fabric yesterday while Judith batiked her pieces at the other end of the table.

I am continuing on the landscape series so please keep that in mind as I show you what I am doing to create workable pieces/parts of a landscape.

These are the screen being set up.

This one is one the line waiting to dry. I think I have mentioned why I dry all of the pieces I dye with thickened print paste before washing them out.

Although this was hanging on the line I oriented the photo so the horizontal nature of the pieces are easier to see. Obviously I miss the boat on the top most print - sheesh!

This is one of two charcoal drawing I photographed, thresholded and sent to Lyric Kinard for making me a thermofax. I will use these in the landscapes as well. 

19 May 2017

Making Sky

I decided to make some abstract sky today and I like he way it turned out. I also made some realistic (sort of) sky with a horizon of trees. I haven't washed anything out yet but the fabric batched and dry looks good.

This was the batik sky and I really like the bottom most panel. I had started to "roll" it up to package and batch but took a few pics first

Love this

Sky fabric I dyed about 6 years ago

Two other appropriate blue pieces for sky plus a plexiglas palette for thickened dyes and a natural sponge to apply the dye. 

First touches of chartreuse


This is the cotton cover after the dye painting