28 November 2019

new rope stamp

This is the third stamp like this I have made. This is one of my favorite motifs. I measured out 4 quadrants on a 4" square of wood, cut my first piece of rope to fit then used that piece of rope as a guide for cutting the others.

I used E6000 just because it was starting to thicken and dry but any waterproof mastic will work.

I used this scrap triangle and attached as a handle.

I have used this stamp with paint, printing ink and wax for batik.

25 November 2019

Play day part 2

This is a shirt Marcella gave me, front and back.

This is an old light blue shirt. I LOVE the figuring, the one wrapped in rope.

marbles and scrunched wrapped

Plexiglass discs

Vent pipe

Arashi on a PVC pipe

Long rectangles of Plexiglas

Jean let Marcella and I pick as many of these fabulous inchies she made as we wanted.
These are the ones I picked. She uses them as zipper pulls on her handmade bags.

"We laughed and enjoyed the sunshine. A good time was had by all."

21 November 2019

Play day with Marcella and Jean 1

Before they came

Marcella, Jean and I begin to play. A full vat of indigo!!!!!

These are mine

My light blue shirt all twisted and tied with a rope

Marcella's below

This was very thick almost canvas fabric

I think this is Jean's

Mine below

Marcella's shirt



She is planning a quilt to include these doilies 

Maybe mine?

all together I dyed 100 feet of cotton rope. This was just a small piece.

18 November 2019

Remember the stick?

This was from last year. Who said I didn't procrastinate?

Well I finally got it almost all done. Just a small painted section yet to go.

Felted, beaded, wrapped and with a handmade ceramic square beads I fired about 11 years ago.

Finally done