Make your own permanent Gelli plate

I stumbled on to a number of YouTube videos on making your own permanent gelli plate.
Here are the links: by Edie Cournoyer  by Lindsey the Frugalcrafter  with Shaz from the UK

I was actually so confused since they were all so different (especially Shaz) that I kind of combined the techniques.
I used 8 packets of knox gelatin (I'd add 5 more)
3 C ice cold water
3 T sugar
12 oz (2 bottles) of glycerin.

I mixed the gelatin and water in one container and the glycerin and sugar in another. When dissolved, I mixed them together and heated in a Pyrex bowl in the microwave (pot on the stove will work as well) in one minute increments with stirring in between 3 times (3 minutes total). I put it in a 9 X 9 brownie pan but I could have used an 8 X 13. I "may" remelt this and put it in a longer pan (not so square).

After this, I decided to make another one on a huge sheet tray. The little bottles of glycerin and tiny packets of gelatin were really adding up ($). I ended up buying 2 cans of Knox gelatin and a gallon of glycerin from Amazon and splitting it with Marcella. I added the extra gelatin ( a total of 8 tablespoons) and the gelli plate came out much firmer. I added no sugar this time.

Everything was going well until I wrapped it in freezer paper to keep the dust off and it molded. I think uncovered is the best way to store them - like on a shelf where the dust can't settle on them. I loved the huge sheet and it was perfect for fabric and 2 page spreads in my sketchbook


  1. Thanks for your recipe and your experience with it. I'm wondering if adding some salt would help to preserve the plate and stop mould from developing. Just a thought

  2. The sugar is what keeps mold from growing, so I have heard. I have had mine for 2 years now and it has never molded.


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