28 February 2012

Starting a "Store"

I have decided to start a "store" online. I will be selling my covered journals (mooi boekomslag), custom covers for books, covered sketch books, iPad/Tablet covers, Nook/Kindle covers, purses, handbound leather covered blank books, and painted and quilted dolls. I will also sell small and medium sized matted pieces of my fiber art ready for framing.

I just signed a contract to teach 2 classes at Schoodic Art for All this summer along the Maine coast. I will be teaching Silk Screen Construction and Uses (stencils, gel glue resist, soy wax resist, flour paste resist, tape and paper resists and deconstructed screening. I will also teach Stamp Making for making flat and round (rolling) stamps as well as stamps from photographs.

I have applied to teach a class in Silk Scarf Batik and a Bookbinding class at Fiber College where I have taught for the last two summers.

I think I have already mentioned that my friend, Marcella Christensen, and I are hoping to form a non-profit organization that will be a clearing house for art teachers, classes and workshops on the Maine Coast. Lots of big plans. Let's hope they develop well...


  1. Wow! All of that is very exciting!

    Can't wait to see your store, and hear more about your classes. :)

  2. Sounds great! Hope you will be very succesful.
    cheers, Marjolijn

  3. Wonderful news! I wish you lots of success!

  4. I'll watch for your inventory.

  5. Sounds like some great plans. Good luck!


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