30 September 2015

Judith has done more eco prints

Judith, Janine, Marcella and I have an eco-printing/dyeing date in October. I will be the official photographer and will gaze at the ocean from Janine's deck to make sure it doesn't go anywhere.

MEANWHILE, Judith has done some nice prints here.

29 September 2015

Ironing board drama

I hate drama. My "new" space is a lot smaller than my former beautiful studio and there was no room for my 2 ' X 4 ' irong board. Now that the funky pink chair has "left the building" I have new space to set up the ironing board. I am getting happier by the day.

New space for my ironing board

Leg used to live here folded up

Top used to live in this skinny spot. Very unusable.

25 September 2015

The color of flowers

OK so I secretly dislike people putting pictures of their flowers on their blogs. I don't know what this bothers me so but today is payback day.
First off, the electric company knocked on the door first thing this morning to let us know we were losing our electricity.

 We needed a new pole

Then I decided to go through all my fabulous fabrics looking for something spectacular to make into pillows. More about this later....

I found some great batiks but I felt there was just a touch of soy wax still in them so I put them in a tub of boiling water and Ivory liquid for dishes. As I hung them on the line I realized why I love Zinnias so much. I call Judith "another layer" and she calls me "all color all the time".

It all makes sense now

24 September 2015

Photos of Judith's Eco-prints

Take a minute and check out Judith's eco-prints on her blog

22 September 2015

Eco Printing with Judith and Janine

In case I haven't introduced you yet to Janine, my new friend and recent mover to Belfast, here she is. Judith and I are besides ourselves that Janine chose to move here.

She invited Judith and I over to do some eco-printing/eco-dyeing. I decided to watch and be the documenter. Here are the process pictures:

Tied up bootie 

Janine steaming in a roaster and a vegetable steamer

You can see by Judith's face that working and eating at the oceans edge was NOT a hardship. Janine's home was not only beautiful but right on the water. You can see the ocean from every room.

AND she made us a wonderful lunch!! What a delightful day!

18 September 2015

Marcella came to play

All I had planned to do today was work on a bed quilt for a relative.

Originally Marcella was coming over to do some paste paper. I know Janine (new friend who just moved here from Ontario) wanted to try her hand at some paste paper but she couldn't make it today. Marcella and I just decided to dye some silk scarves. This came about after seeing my new silk drapes.

I told her how easy acid dyeing is to do. She made these!!

She also gave me a Steam Punk Crow that she made for me while she was in Florida. In case you don't know me well, I LOVE crows and ravens. Isn't she fabulous?

See the tail feathers made out of knives?

Love that hat!

15 September 2015

While the dyes were out

Since the kitchen was set up for acid dyeing, I decided to so a few scarves for myself. I also made a few more bottles of acid dye. Marcella asked me what I used the black dye for so I decided to make a "pony" scarf. In real life the black and white is very black and white. The pictures look washed out.

Another scarf was in purple, cobalt and green and the last was turquoise and a yellow green. Very attractive!


Black and white (bad picture)

Turquoise and green

If you would like one they are $20. postage included.