15 February 2012

America's Test Kitchen

subtitled: Testing in Beth's "wet studio"

I was preparing to do the tray dyeing tutorial and I had this box of dissolved dyes from I can't actually remember when so I decided to do a "test batch". I lined up all the bottles and a piece of pre-treated fabric. I wrote the name of the color on the fabric with a permanent marker

                                                  Can you tell I love crows and ravens?
                                  Then I opened the cap and tipped the bottle onto my gloved finger tip.
OK. So I wasn't very neat. Then I covered the piece of fabric in the plastic bag and topped it with a heated rice bag. Did I mention I love my rice bags. Think I'll add that Tutorial to the top of the home page too.
                                        Results tomorrow, then I can get on with the tray dyeing.

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