21 August 2012

The meadow suite

While we had 14 people staying at out house, we turned the Art Greenhouse into the Meadow Suite. Here are the pics.

                                                                Futon (double bed)
                                                  2 singles with king sheets for the 3 boys
                                                 Supplies safely behind "check point charlie"

18 August 2012

The other 10X10 piece

This is called Vignettes II

16 August 2012

Two Things

I am starting to recover from all the tumult of having company - I am expecting more Sunday. I did have a chance to make a piece (one of two) for this years 10X10 show and sale in Brunswick. I also did a quick sketch and watercolor of a teddy bear I bought my son. His wholesale rejection of this sweet Steiff bear that I spend 6 hours (in traffic) shopping for was a huge shock. I almost felt the blow of rejection myself and have always had a soft spot in my heart for this little guy who never slept in the arms of a child or was even loved. Perhaps one day I will find someone who will love him and think he is the best bear ever.

13 August 2012

Update on the Sewing Workshops

Two quilt shops have shown interest in my classes. I am booked for September 22 in Rockland at Quilt Divas for the "Best Ever Bookcover" which has morphed into a kindle holder. I will make an envelope type kindle holder as well as an book type kindle holder. I will also demonstrate the flip and sew method of quilting.
If you can't remember this method click on the QAYG tab on the homepage. This is the technique I used to assemble these blocks.
 Above is a kindle cover that opens like a book with Timtex inside to stiffen it. This fabric was the first fabric I ever dyed - years ago. I love it and never wanted to cut it up but thought it was great for this cover.
                             This is a kindle pouch I made for my cousin with a Velcro closure.

I just made this one for a sample to have at Quilt Divas. I didn't put a closure on it because there is a choice of three closures that can be used. It was a flip and sew piece and I don't like the flap so I will modify it for the class. The lining material is the botanical "resist" from the silk screen class last week.

The other place hasn't emailed back with an acceptance of my proposal so when she does, I'll give you all the details She is interested in the improvisational quilt.

11 August 2012

The Art Greenhouse Conversion

This weekend I will have 14 people in my house. My son, DIL, and baby Byron will be staying in the guest room. The nanny, Veronica, and Zac will be in Brian's room. My only nephew, his wife and 3 boys will be in the "converted" Art Greenhouse. Brian is sleeping on my floor in a sleeping bag and I remain in my own bed as well as my parents in their apartment one floor below.
The "Meadow Suite"

08 August 2012

More from the workshop

Here are some of the completed pieces from Saturday which were washed out on Sunday. YEAH!
                                                 Hilary's interfacing stencil about 36" square
                                      Karen's interfacing stencil grasses with birds flying above.

                                  Hilary's deconstructed screens washed and dried and ready to use

                                              Karen's Deconstructed screen ready to use

                                                                           Flower paste resists
                                                    This one Hilary and I worked on together

                                                                 a single pull
                                                                    Random pulls

                                                              Karen's flour paste resist

Hilary's botanical "Objects as a resist"

                                                                Hilary's tape resist
Great work. These were two very talented women. We had a ball and will probably "play" again!!!

05 August 2012

Silk Screening weekend

This was the week of my 2 day silk screening workshop. What a ball. Two of the three registered people came and we really clicked. We made our screens and printing surfaces and started in on the techniques. You may be disappointed but those who know me will not be surprised that I was having so much fun, I forgot to take pictures til late Friday night. Sheesh!
I am going to show all the pics and the results  I have and Wednesday, I am hoping to have all the pics that the other two women took.

 These are not in order so what's new?
 By the time I realized I hadn't taken one snap, we were on flour paste resists. Hilary and I shared this design which we both worked on.
                         Here is Karen holding her design up to the light to check how it came out.
 These were four pulls on one piece of fabric with the right two on top and left 2 on the bottom. We all took turns adding elements in water-soluble oil pastels to a blank screen. When we were done we "made it permanent" with base extender from ProChem. We could have also used 1/2 & 1/2 PVA and water but the base extender (Fabric paint without color - clear) kept the hand softer.

                                           Karen and Hilary after 2 long days of creativity.

                                                       Above is my "clean-up rag"
 This was "objects as a resist" and we used plants and leaves. If you squint, you can see some dandelions on the lower left section.
                           These were the screens we set up Friday night to deconstruct on Saturday

 This is the last clean-up rag Hilary started but she left it behind (hehehe) and I continued the clean-up with it. It's really lovely. These are actual rags we clean with - it's not a secret code for something else.
                                                 Above it my example of interfacing stencils.
 My deconstructed screens prints done with thickened dye I had in my refrigerator for about 2 months - a no-no!  Weak colors.
             The colors are weak which is really a shame because the figuring of the dye is really lovely
                                                                Four weak panels
             I used a feather in the construction process and it actually came out in the deconstruction
                               Karen and Hilary starting the deconstruction of her screens
           The two above are WET deconstructed screens. Wednesday we'll see how they came out
               Karen wielding the print paste (releasing the dried dye in the deconstruction process).

At the end of the day on Friday, we took all the leftover dye that would exhaust and smooshed it all over a large piece of fabric. This is Karen going to town with her color.