31 October 2018

Interesting signs from the UK

Guessing I'm not the first to photograph this.

Beware of the elderly!!!!!!!

You've got to love this!

Alcoholics to the rescue

Say that three times fast

The older I get, the more I ask myself this question

29 October 2018

What I did today part two

My daughter liked these little cloth buckets so I made seven.

26 October 2018

What I made today part one

I have been putting off this challenge for weeks now but this morning I got to work on it.

Drew these on the fabric with pencil

Stitched with free motion

Marked the area to be background quilted.

Each row was one stitch apart

I did sign and date it.

Today is the 9th anniversary of this blog!!

24 October 2018

Beatrix Potter and the Lake District part 2

On the "Goat Tour" we visited Tarn Hows, one of the area’s best-loved beauty spots for views of the lake against a backcloth of mountain peaks.

 Through the window of the bus

Then we drove on to Lake Windermere for a boat ride to Ambleside where we were picked up and returned to our starting point. It was the best "tour" we went on and it was filled with so much fun and laughter.

My new camera started to "posterize" my pictures which I didn't realize until I got home.

22 October 2018

Book Bonanza!

Yesterday I torn signatures for four books and covered 3 books worth of covers with my own paste paper. Today I placed each book elements in a basket and binge watched season one of The Closer while I coptic stitched the spines.

Book one for my son with a few "extras". Here it is in a basket along with my dyed threads and a wax votive for stitching.

Doesn't this remind you of Van Gogh's paintings?

An envelope glued to the inside of the back cover with paste paper over the adhesive and tabs for tucking it closed.

Here are little extras I popped in the book.

A few vellum pages.

Laminated bookmark

Cool rigid bubble rods for shipping to Malta.

This is a commissioned book

Below is a book for me unless someone else wants it ($45.) I absolutely LOVE this paper I made.