16 September 2019

The last Maine Event day 1

We had a fabulous weekend for the last Maine Event. 

The "plan" for the weekend was to dye our kakishibu fabric and hang to dry so we could have them ready for the next day for creating marks. I always have an indigo vat if anyone want to dip. The vat won out and we didn't dye the fabric til the end of the day. It turned into an all day indigo marathon. There were only inches of indigo left in the vat at the end of the day.

Reminded Marcella and I of "Christina's World" if you are familiar with Andrew Wyeth's painting below.

Pretty photo of Marcella

Rayon Lawn scarf

How many times have I posted this type of photo? Indigo frenzie

Batiking before an indigo dip.

More batik and two people from "witness protection" who didn't want their faces shown.

Batik with wax applied with a plastic knife. She did a lot of images on cloth along this line (no pun)

09 September 2019

My samples from the indigo workshop

These were the samples I made while demonstrating different mark making techniques. I used previously dyed fabrics.

Triangle fold


This one was triangle fold on the left, gathered stitched in an S shape in the middle and right edge scrunched into a point and wrapped with thread.



Arashi Shibori (gathered and wrapped on a PVC pipe)


scrunched into a ball and held in place with elastics

My sister made this with a brush and potato masher and hot soy wax (batik)

Ikea chip clips

Idea stolen from Laura Kemshalls Instagram post. Wooden hearts used as a resist


again on pinker fabric


Pink fabric and round plexi discs used as a resist


a few marbles

Vent pipe

My sister made this with a stamp and hot soy wax (batik)

I tried to no avail to use the heart shaped wooden blocks as a reist. The fabric was treated and I hadn't washed it in advance. It was also a pretty heavy canvas. The indigo just wouldn't penetrate.

05 September 2019

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

We had a HOT day with searing sun but we managed to dye loads of fabrics and clothing.

Batik with soy wax

preparing fabric with marbles for shibori

Rolling and tying

cutting stings and elastics

6 month baby onesy below and a "matching" tee for big sister above


vent pipe

Plexi circle resist

Idea totally stolen from Laura Kemshall (thank you Laura!!) I cut those hearts on my band saw the night before

vent pipes

Another fabulous blouse

Playing with our pieces