30 December 2019

Brian's Quilt finished

 It looks so great on his bed!!

26 December 2019

New (to me) machine

This is a long story. When my sister moved in she had an old Necchi sewing machine in a small sewing cabinet. She wanted to get rid of it so I offered to put it on Craig's List for $50. It was immediately spoken for. She had brought it downstairs and I wanted to make sure it was clean and worked OK. OMG!! I fell in love with this machine and wished I'd never advertised it. It was too late. I think I might have cancelled the transaction but I really didn't have room for it. I have mourned the lost of that velvety smooth running machine since the woman took it away.

It turns out the pink Necchi Supernova was the premiere machine made by Necchi. I found them on Ebay for $300-$500., most without cabinets. Last week I found a Necchi BU Mira, an even older machine. It was manufactured in 1953. It has drop feet dogs, a free motion (darning) foot and needle threader. It had decorative cams as well. It looked really good and was "cleaned and tested" by the seller who dealt in vintage machine. He turned out to be fabulous. More later...

It is greener than it looks in this picture

Two and three sets of the same feet, a straight stitch plate, cams, and in the tiny box is the needle thread. You lay it against the needle using a groove in the threader and a hook goes into the needle so you can hook your thread on it.

Two manual: one for the machine and one for the Wonder Wheel that uses the cams. He had them Velo bound. Who does that?? He is a peach.

The accessories came in this cool cigar box.

I found this sewing table locally. The outside is in bad condition but opened, the oak is perfect. I paid $20. for the sewing table and it came with a machine.

This is the "bonus" machine which I was planning on keeping until yesterday (more about this next post).

The saga continues. The great sewing table I bought had hinges with pins too big to fit the Necchi. I contacted a few people and the Vintage Necchi group on Facebook. The man I bought the machine from said he was sending me two pairs of different hinges that both fit the Necchi. Can't wait to get them. I also need to re-do the feet on the left side of the sewing table. They are both bent. More about that too. 

19 December 2019

Working on a bed quilt for Brian

The dogs (all three) love to lay around on Brian's bed. They like it "fluffy" so they dig into it to fluff it up a bit. We call is digging to China. The quilt died a peaceful death and now lives in the garage in case anyone needs a padded blanket for moving furniture.

He likes pink. When I took a workshop about 5 years ago we were told to dye every color fabric. I dyed 36 half yards in three values - that's 108 half yards. I used parts of about 5 for the workshop. Needless to say I have a lot of pink fabric I will probably never use so.......

I cut up A LOT of fabric into 5 inch wide strips. I also cut 2 pieces of commercial fabric that had pink or lavender in it.

I sewed these together into strips, rows and eventually a 50 X 54" square

I also tore 44" wide half yard pieces into 15" X 44" for borders

Then I pinned and quilted it. 

More to come

16 December 2019

Outcome of the giveaway

Remember the 10th anniversary giveaway? Well one of the winners of my indigo dyed shibori fabric made a wonderful knitting bag out of the fabric. This is the bag Penny made from the fabric.

She used the dimensions of another bag she had to construct this one.

She lined it as well and added a light interfacing to make it a bit more robust.

She used some directions for making the bag she got from Whitney Sews on YouTube

Lined Tote Bag tutorial (Whitney Sews)

(2)  3.5 x 21" for straps
(2) 16.5 x 17.5" for outside fabric (she used upholstery fabric)
(2) 16.5 x 17.5" for liner (she used basic cotton)
(2) 16 x 17 fusible interfacing (I used sheer weight; try medium weight next time, if using regular cotton for both bag layers)

Place the 2 pieces of outside fabric right side together.
Using 1/2" seam allowance, sew down one side, across bottom, and up the other side (leaving top open)
Repeat for the lining fabric.

To make bottom of bag:
Take hold of a corner and reposition so that seams are running down the center to the point. Poke a pin in the seam line, and you want it to poke out from the seam on the other side. Pin through.
With fabric flattened out, put ruler on top, lining up a horizontal line on the ruler with the seam line. Then position it so that the amount of fabric from side to bottom edges is 4". Mark a line, and then sew across it. Trim to 1/2" seam allowance. Do this for both corners on both outer and inner layers.

Place fabric right side down and press under 1/2" on each long side. Fold in half and iron again.
Sew down around all four edges.

Put together
Put outer bag inside the lining, right sides together; lining is on the outside. Line up the side seams, and secure with a couple of pins at top edge, at side seams. Insert the straps into the bag, between the layers, and with big loop of strap inside the bag. Straps should be 4.5 inches away from the side seams. Mark the space between the strap ends—to leave unsewn so can turn the bag. Sew along the entire top edge, except where marked to leave open (leaving open as much space as possible between the straps).
Turn the bag.  Press the top edges. Top stitch twice around the opening, securing straps.

Thanks Penny for sharing your fun project

12 December 2019

My Holiday Art and Gift Sale

My Holiday Art and Gift Sale. I didn't take any photos of the art.

The Sketchbooks are still available. The have 160 pages and are coptic stitched with waxed linen thread. They are beautiful. Contact me if you want one. (see bottom of this page)

Both Rice Bag sold still many book covers left.

Shibori dyed indigo pillows $20. (my cost)

There are a few of these indigo shibori rayon scarves. 72" infinity scarves and 72" rayon bamboo straight scarves.

I only have one of these brightly silk screened infinity scarves. $40.

Little books, cloth "buckets" cloth wallets all $5. Purple pencil case $20. and embroidered and beaded silk pillow $20.

Box bags $20. Each is unique and the fabric is my own.

Sketchbooks $45.

09 December 2019

Another ugly lampshade

Dye-Na-Flow paints

05 December 2019

Japanese Rice Bags

These were Marcella's idea. Good idea Marcella.

Both sold