01 March 2012

Book cover blanks

You will probably remember the improvisational squares I made for the FIRE blog during Rayna Gillman's month. I didn't know what to do with them so I just left them sitting out on my table. I had made a book cover using the flip and sew method from leftovers from my brothers quilt and as my eyes swept past these discarded blocks I wrapped them around my blank journals and they fit. So I spent some lovely RELAXING time heavily quilting those small blocks in preparation to make them into bookcovers for the blank journals for my "store".
I thought I'd give you a "before" peek, then tomorrow the "after" results.

 I also wanted to mention I have art in 2 shows that both open this Friday. I have two pieces in the Belfast Radius show at Aar Hus Gallery for a month and the shibori piece that I did with Meagan is in a show at Waterfall Arts for a month. I will try to get pictures at the openings.


  1. What a perfect fit for a bookcover/boekomslag. Congrats on your shows.

  2. I have seen them on your FacebookFAN page. They look great!
    And two shows at the same time! How wonderful.
    gr. Marjolijn


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