31 January 2014

The rest of the story

Remember the play date that Judith and I had a few weeks ago? Then I never mentioned it again? It turned out we had SUCH a fabulous time dyeing fabric that Judith volunteered to do the February FIRE blog. Nienk's blog post got this one started. Where would I be without Nienke??
Please check out the YouTube of the DVD. This is if not the best DVD, at least in the top 3 I have ever seen.

First off, let me show you the amazing book Judith made for me when she came to the first play date. She hand made this paste paper then did a double stitched (?) binding. I am so in love with this paper. I decided to use it sideways for landscape sketches.

This is the teaser part of the blog post

Great finds at at the dollar store. 

So check in to the fire blog after February first and see the incredible stuff we did!!

29 January 2014

A side step and a question answered

Nienke had a totally captivating blog post last week that gave me such a great idea for a "take along" project. I was doing the EPP but my finger tips are numb a bit from the Chemo so that will have to wait. Meanwhile...

I don't know if you remember this from a previous project but I call it my Ramen wool. I bought it from a new spinner.

I dislike all hot colors except this orangy yellow. Go figure! It does look so good with blue, green, purple and turquoise, the colors I love.

This was meant to be a bit more purple but when it's dry maybe it will.

 The green is a bit turquoise but I was rapidly running out of acid dyes and was too tired to make more. I Still need a few more colors and I'd like to use up the Ramen wool!!

Drip drying in the shower

 Former "chemo" take along basket now the log cabin project. Should work well for those hour each way drives to radiation and the W A I T !

Some colors all wool but not the same weight. I think I will hold out for the Ramen wool so all weights will be the same. Looks like more acid dyes in my future.

Found this very helpful blog. VERY helpful. The video tutorials are wonderful.

Question about the LAST post:
 How do you have room to quilt, do you move all your thread or the machine?

The photo was a bit confusing because I was just trying to get a picture of my life long thread collection. The table I actually free motion on is the one with the rayon thread and there is tons of room to move around. Although to be honest I have spent hours in that cramped area around the thread when I use the big Brother.

27 January 2014

Strip three done

On this strip, I did all the background stippling in purple before I started the circles. On the others I started in the center, did a circle then some stippling and worked my way to the ends. On three I started in the center , sewed to each end but only the background stippling.

I kind of like this one done with Gutermann thread

This was Invisifil and I had some breakage problems. I think with a straight stitch and NOT free motion it would be fine. I did order a spool in purple to stipple with which should come Monday.

This was also a design I used on my grandson's quilt. The spider is a symbol of creativity. This little guy was done in Madeira metallic thread and he's quite glimmery!

Not as successful as I'd hoped.

This is what I call my loopty loop pattern which I use a lot along with stippling for backgrounds.

This was "supposed" to be waves. Oops.

This is my rayon in the center with metallics on either side.

This is a combination of Gutermann on the left, all the Madeira Lana which I bought myself for my birthday a few years ago. I LOVE them. The other three racks have odd Coats and Clark, Gutermann, Aurifil, and lots of Superior threads which I bought as "buy 6 and they pick the colors". So it's not like I don't have thread, I just wanted to use Bottom Line - alas!

Update on the Bernina. It should be back in 2 weeks, fingers crossed.

24 January 2014

End of a busy week

I've sandwiched up the 3rd strip and I am almost done with the stippling. Should be done my Monday.

I tried this net stocking to see if it would help. NO. So I have thrown in the towel and I am using ordinary thread as opposed to the Bottom Line. You can see the spool of Invisifil thread to the left (green)

I was a bit apprehensive since Bottom line is 60 wt and Invisifil is 100 Wt but it seemed to free motion nicely.

Top four rows are Invisifil and bottom three are rayon

This is too weird. I was using this seam ripper and the long tip just snapped off!!!!. I somehow managed to remove the broken end without cracking the wood, took a cheap old seam ripper and got it out of the plastic and then used super glue to attach it to the wooden handle. This is an Alex Anderson 4 way tool which was not only pricey but I use it all the time. So I am happy with my save!!

22 January 2014

Had to make Angel Wings

I have had to put the circle quilt away for a few days because my friend, Charlotte, turned 80 today and I made her a pair of angel wings to hang on her wall. Just a quick run through with this project then back to the circle quilt. I'm anxious to try out that Invisifil thread.

Charlotte loves angels and of course I imagined these wings as much more amazing than they were. Although quite plain, I think she will like them. First the sketch 

Pattern on tracing paper 

Fabric selection. All gold metallics.

Pieces sewn

Gold Madiera thread for free motion of the "feathers.

First a practice piece. Latest great lesson!!

Free motion around the scallops

A bit harder to see the gold thread

Final piece.

and this little IKEA light is an LED with a gooseneck that is fabulous for spot work.

20 January 2014

Two things

One is that I forgot to show you that I finally did manage to cover the red roving on that old piece I just resolved.           In Pictures only:

Offending red roving in center and source of attack"

Much better I think. Now I am really happy.

And the other thing is that I received SO MANY emails about thread and I appreciated them all. One in particular was from a friend, Penny, who attended the Dorothy Caldwell workshop with me. She told me about a thread that she uses called Invisifil and it is 100wt. I have to admit I haven't tried it yet but I did order 2 spools.

The appear a bit darker than in real life but I will be using them asap. 

I also just found over 40 emails in my spam folder and was very upset so if you sent me an comment and I didn't answer, please forgive me. I think I have resolved this problem (I hope).

17 January 2014

December Fire Blog resolution and things that lead me to....

Some people were interested in seeing what I did to resolve this piece. Others were just not all that impressed with the month's technique, myself being one. It was a bad health month for me but now I like where this went. To me it is soothing which was the point.

 This is where I left it with this glob of roving attempting to close the gap. The biggest problem is that the wool material was woven and not felted adding to the problem of bunching and pulling inner white threads to the surface.

I cut out the offending section and when I turned it over realized the "other side" looked pretty nice. Too late. Had I known, I would have left it intact, felted from back to front, then done the stitching.

Bumpy, yucky side

Back side. Pretty nice blending of roving.

Iron- on Pellon to try to keep the two sections together.

Three or four years ago I made this and then RUINED it with that horrible square glob in the center of the quilt!! I will resolve this problem.

 Meanwhile, I thought the addition of stitches like these would pull the whole December piece together so I chose some Madiera Lana (50% wool, 50% nylon) thread

Ready to stitch

I initially thought I would stitch this onto this beautiful linen and after re-cutting the stretcher to size, stretch it on to the frame. I couldn't do that successfully and ended up trimming away the linen not holding the thread and using Matt Medium to "glue" it on to the stretcher.

Re-cut and even that I almost managed to screw up!! Boy this piece has been a "learning experience"

Re-cut stretcher with primed and painted linen on the left. The one on the right is a 12 X 12 stretcher commercial canvas. More about that later.

Paint from the stretcher that I rested on my leg. Yes, another learning opportunity. Can I blame this on Chemo brain?? I say, yes!

Done and I am happy with it. Minimal and soothing.

On stretcher and these colors are the most accurate.

Close up although the colors are off since we are having more freezing rain so I am using artificial light.

Another upshoot of this project was getting out that older piece. As many of you know I hate UFO's. Suddenly the thought came to me (thank you Universe) to carefully use an X-acto knife to cut away the acrylic painted fusible (yes, I actually ironed that on) and it worked perfectly if not quickly. I am mounting that on the 12 X 12 studio frame

Happy with both!!