01 February 2012

A Needed Accessory

RICE BAGS. Yes, these come in so handy for batching MX dyes in cold weather. They are also dead easy to make. I cut a piece of plain muslin 13" long (47mm) from a bolt. This strip I cut along the fold giving me 2 pieces 13 X 22.
I folded it along the 22" side making a square about 13 X 12. I marked three lines dividing the fabric into four sections with the fold at the bottom.

I stitched along the sides and lines giving me four long pockets with the openings at the top. I used a funnel and cup and poured dry rice into each pocket filling them about 3/4 full and pinned them shut.

I sewed them closed and now I have 2 rice bags to keep my fabric warm while batching. Just pop the bags into the microwave for 3 minutes on high and they will stay warm for quite a while. While batching I cover the fabric and bags with a towel to keep the heat inside.

If you would like to, you can make some rice bags 6" X 22" and wrap them around your neck or use these bags to warm your feet. They deliver moist heat. You can make them in pretty fabric and give them as gifts too.

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  1. I've been putting my stuff in the oven (it's gas, and so is always slightly warm). But this is a great idea!!!


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