How to snow dye

 I soaked my fat half yards (22X36) in a container of soda ash solution (one gallon water to one generous cup soda ash powder). While the fabric was soaking, I got out my hardware wire cloth (1/2") and collected the snow - nice and fluffy from my deck. 

I got out my dyes and arranged them near the sink. I also took the fabric out of the container with soda ash solution and hand wrung them, arranging the fabric in a crumpled heap in the middle of the wire.

Then I carefully built an igloo shaped cover of snow over each of the pieces of fabric making sure no fabric stuck out and the snow was relatively uniform in thickness.

Now it was time to squirt on the dye concentrate (1T dye to 1 cup water) in my bottles.

Above was Boysenberry (purple)and "cotton" black. I like this color because it splits to purple. It's ProChems MX 602a. Below was chartreuse and turquoise. These were the two color combos I was really looking forward to creating!

After about 3-4 hours just sittting there rotting, most of the snow is gone and I can see fabric peeking out. This is the time I put the fabric with the remaining snow cap in the microwave. I don't remember why I do this or where I learned it but I have no memory of doing snow dyes without this final microwave step. I put the microwave on high for 3-5 minutes depending on how much snow is left. If you want to be cautious, cover the dish with cling film and punch a dozen holes in the film with a sharp knife. The fabric will heat, maintain moisture but be able to vent.

These are ready to "cook"

Out of the microwave and into an ICE water bath. Scrub, scrub, scrub under ice water but use insulated rubber gloves.

Wash the fabric when the rinse water runs clear. Wash in hot water with Synthropol or Prosapol and a "Color Catcher" (made by SHOUT) or two. I do a fast wash (30 minutes) on HOT. Works great

Oh my, just what I wanted!!

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