31 August 2020


Jean, Marcella and I got together for a day of silk screening scarves


After many comments and groaning about wanting to learn this, I have decided to have one or two sessions of this summer 2021. Email or use the contact form below if you are interested. It means I will contact you next summer and see if you are still interested in getting into a workshop.

27 August 2020

Marcella's pillows

Marcella is decorating a house and wanted some black and white pillows with a crow theme for the bed (I think). She brought over fabric for me to use. I had made all but one and given them to her during a big clean-out.

The piping is a huge heavy weight plastic zip.

After the pillows were done, I made these quilted feathers

24 August 2020

Little books from ATCs

This was actually a lot of fun to do since I had NO idea what I was going to do with the ATCs

This was a coptic bound book with 12 signatures in really nice Arches watercolor paper

This was an accordion fold book landscape orientation.

20 August 2020

Jean "making lemonade from lemons"


According to Jean! 

Jean made each of us a prezzie from collages she made which she considered "lemons". We didn't but we gladly accepted the gifts. I know some of the parts were sewn and I''m assuming, some glued.

Inside each "house" was a little prezzie

Jean said

"if you are planning to post the photo of the sea urchin on your blog, credit goes to Chris Leith.  She is an incredibly talented weaver/quilter/crafter and a good friend." 

Thanks Jean for your generous gifts and giving credit from teachers/friends.

17 August 2020


Saw this on DMTV and thought I would make a few. Check out DMTV here  and here for great directions and fabulous ideas.

I used alcohol ink on this pink one. Don't make that mistake. Use acrylic inks or paints

13 August 2020

Mark making on faux Kakishibu

These were all done with thickened black MX dye

 And in at the last minute is a bag made by Jean (so clever) that she made with her kakishibu fabric Gyotaku (fish print) on the outside, kakishibu  on the inside.

By the way, I've done nothing with mine except fold it!!