28 December 2017

Joining the halves

I left about 2" of batting extending beyond the edge of the fabric and backing.

I pinned three places on each square and stitched to two halves together

I trimmed a 1/4" from the batting so the edges would "kiss".

Pinned in place and slip stitching the backing closed.

The two unquilted halves from the front
Now on to quilting these 18 blocks. I am thinking up ideas for this. Next post it will be finished.

25 December 2017

Not quite 113

I have 113 6.5" squares in this quilt. I am going to say I repeated less than 15 patterns over those 113 squares. It was a lot of fun trying to think up different patterns to do. I also did about 12 words and a few phrases. That helped with the count. Here are a few:

This last photo shows the rows that will be joined together. Remember, I made this quilt in two pieces for easy quilting. I quilted all the squares EXCEPT for the one row that will be sewn together with the one unquilted row from the other section.

22 December 2017

getting started

I am making this quilt in two sections for easy quilting.  I will end up with a 54" X 78" finished quilt. 

Both halves pined

Rolled and ready to go

Finally under the needle. I am trying for different patterns in each square but I doubt if I can come up with 113 unique quilt designs. However I am willing to give it a shot.

19 December 2017

all in a day

I made two more book covers and finished up the Solstice cards that were not patchwork. I had 22 patchwork cards all mailed now but these simply had some of my surface design fabrics bonded (Steam-a-seam) to the paper. I have a dedicated "paper" rotary cutter which made quick work.

Now my work table is empty and I can sandwich and pin the quilt which I am doing in two sections. I will quilt both separately which is easier to handle and will join them when done. Photos upcoming.

 A birthday card from my daughter. I love cut paper and pop-ups

15 December 2017

Free Video from the Kemshalls

Hurry over to the DMTV site and watch a wonderful video about making a winter table runner.

12 December 2017

In the meantime

I received a fabulous early birthday present from my son. He recently bought a new camera and sent me his old one. It's a Nikon 5100 DSLR and a really super camera. In the olden days (60'S) his father and I used to shoot off 36 rolls of film each weekend. Now with digital, the sky is the limit. 

He also bought me an amazing 55 - 300 zoom lens. I made it it's own little Ultrasuede bag for protection.

 I remembered he had left his Minolta SLR film camera and all the accessories so I requisitioned the storage bag and packed all my new things safely away for storage when not in use.

Camera and three lenses 

Front pocket for battery charger, extra battery and lens hood.

Safely stowed until ready to shoot.

08 December 2017

making use of the past

I literally have thousands of fabrics I have created over the years most existing as fat quarters so what to do with them was my challenge.. I cut 6.5" square of both solids and various technique fabrics. I sewed them together in a 3.5 foot square. 




 Interfacing stencil followed by shibori in indigo vet

Credit card with thickened dyes


Deconstructed silk screen

Deconstructed silk screen

Dyed, stenciled with discharge paste then discharged the other side with discharge paste both sides with thermofax screens. See the feathers?

snow dyes

dripping dye

Hum. Now what to do?????

05 December 2017

Sketchbooks for sale

This is a book I made earlier in the month

These are two I made a few days ago

They are all 160 pages of mixed media paper. It will take anything you give it even watercolors.

Each is $45. plus $7. shipping. A great gift for an artist, even yourself!!