07 February 2012

Using hand dyed thread (neatly)and Tuesday's give away

Mondays winners are Ineke: book and Kit: fabric. Email me using the email option on my "Profile" page with your addresses. And enter again today!!

I watch DMTV featuring Linda and Laura Kemshall. In one of the episodes, Laura had a demonstration on  making skeins of embroidery thread and dyeing it to suit. Now whenever I dye something I make sure I include some thread and usually scrim (cheesecloth) and burlap too.
The big question comes into play when I think of using this skein of thread. How do you use the skein without getting it all knotted up? This is what Laura shared:

Take the looped ends of the skein
and pull one loop from the other.
Un-twist (open up) the skein
At the knot that ties the ends together
Re-tie the knot making it very tight
The new tighter knot is on the left of the original knot.
Then you cut the circle of dyed thread just below the knot leaving an 18" "pony tail" of thread. This is the perfect length for sewing as well.
Tease out one thread

Then when finished with the skein, fold in half and tie a loose overhand knot for storage
I keep all my threads in a double sided box that my friend Rosalita found at a yard sale.

Definitely DON'T forget to leave a comment for the 10 free skeins of my hand dyed thread. They are real beauties.


  1. The are indeed real beauties! Ik hope to win! I also once done.And then they were hopelessly entangled.

  2. This is more than beautiful, next summer I will try it myself, but for know I like to join yours.

  3. Beautiful threads! I would love to win!!
    Congratulations to Ineke and Kit!!

  4. Those are beautiful colors to add to any piece! Thanks for this tip. And a nice storage set-up too.

  5. I keep my threads the same way...and I love looking at all the colors in the box...just makes me happy and wanting to use them. Thank you for such a nice giveaway!

  6. Congratulations to Ineke and Kit.
    And what a lovely threads!

  7. Such beautiful threads Beth! Someone is going to be a lucky winner for sure!

  8. I've been doing a lot of hand embroidery lately, and these colors (especially the purples, avacado & chartreuse) would be perfect for what I'm working on. I'm going to try dyeing some of these myself--where did you get the white thread to start with?


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