31 October 2013

Starting in earnest

As you probably have guessed, I am less a traditional quilter than a fiber artist. I did get a bee in my bonnet about this the quilt that was raffled that I didn't win and now MUST make myself a quilt for my bed. I love to make quilts for others but I have little time to indulge myself. The faded purple quilt on my bed which you have seen as a backdrop for so many of my photos was one I bought at Linens and Things years ago. I like it because I have no real emotional attachment to it so I can ruin it, I really don't care.
However, I did once make myself a quilt. It is 94 X 94 and I made it for ME. It has tremendous meaning to me and I love it. The colors, the patterns, everything about it was a gift to myself. I've never slept under it nor has it ever been on a bed. It hangs in the stairway on the 2 story wall leading downstairs and it is a thing of beauty.
It is purple and green and the pattern is The Dunkard's Path. I love it and everything about it.

On this next quilt which I will use on my bed, I am using the same templates but aranging them into green circles. Here is the written plan

It is made of 4 L's and 4 pies. Each of the 49 blocks will contain 4 - L's (196 total) and 4 - pies (196 total). Now could these be easy to cut straight lines? no of course not. Each of the 392 pieces have one curved line and not even the same curve.

This is the template for the drunkards path

Next post, I whip out the rotary cuter. I know I spent almost an entire day just cutting the curves for the finished quilt so I am anticipating a LONG day with the rotary cutter.

29 October 2013

Prayers flags revisited (and 3rd anniversary post)

After the post about the prayer flags, Judy Sall from the FIRE blog as well as Penny from Illinois, a reader of my blog but also a participant in the Dorothy Caldwell workshop I attended both emailed to see if they could make prayer flags as well. I loved the idea. 
There is a story behind each flag and wonderful notes accompanied them. As a matter of fact, Judy took the photo on the front of the card she printed while in Monument Valley.
The sentiments and love that came with each are of course my favorite parts. I want to share them with you.

 Judy's prayer flag in detail.
Waiting for Penny's which I knew was on it's way!!

 Penny's beautiful flag made from the scraps of a quilt made about hope in hard times and a vision of what could be  - how perfect!
 Finally united
From a distance

24 October 2013

I didn't win the quilt

The Oncology unit at my hospital had a great raffle - actually many raffles with big prizes like a new kayak, and an all expenses paid weekend on Monhegan Island. I wanted the quilt and even though many fantasies of me winning it were had, the quilt eluded me.

I decided to start my own new quilt and in the interest of ever getting it done will use the quilt as you go method.
I made my grandson a wonderful quilt (check it out) about 3 years ago called 20 moons. Each of the "moons" was quilted in a different quilt design, one being a spider web with it's own metallic thread spider. I will be using the same idea with the purple background and olive orbs. Not sure yet what the theme might be yet but I am in great need of a new quilt. So this is my start point complete with color catchers.

21 October 2013

Signs of life from Maine

Yesterday I started to actually do something semi-creative: knit a cap. This is the start - just a row of double ribbing. Next post, even more signs of life!

In case you are wondering, those are 15 needles. The better to finish you with quickly.

13 October 2013

Prayer Flags

Four years ago I started the Maine Event, a three day extravaganza (slight exaggeration) for members of SAQA and non-members alike from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Brunswick, Canada. During the three days we rekindle friendships, engaged in wonderful free workshops and networked with one another. Friday night we have a wine and cheese  reception followed by dinner. Saturday we have three workshops with a group lunch followed by a banquet and a lengthy show and tell- everyone's favorite!! Sunday morning there is a final workshop before we take our leave.

I have really enjoyed organizing these events which kind of just plan themselves. This past year I knew I was going to be undergoing chemo and didn't want to cast a pall on the event so I just didn't mentioned I wouldn't be attending. Sarah, my co-chair told the attendees Friday night that I was under the weather and wouldn't be attending.

Saturday I was feeling pretty bad and spent the morning in bed. One of the workshops was being conducted near my bedroom window and the sounds of all the laughter and fun was SUCH a balm. Later in the afternoon, I heard OOO's and Ahhh's and it made me so happy to hear everyone enjoying themselves.

Sunday, Sarah and Peg called and asked if they could stop by to drop something off and I said sure. They presented me with a garland of 38 prayer flags the women had made for my healing. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion and joy. I heat set each flag, photographed them and hung then around my bed and I wanted to share this outpouring of love with you all.