21 March 2019

New online class

I am taking a free online class from Strathmore called Realistic Drawing with Charcoal. Anyone can sign up and even if it isn't something you are really interested in, you never fail to learn at least ONE thing. The first workshop shop was about the "tools". I sent away for Derwent charcoal pencils and the cool Tombow erasers. I also have a Derwent electric eraser which I have had for years.

These were a nice selection

These are the Tombow REALLY small erasers.

This is my electric eraser.

These are the practice marks with round erasures. Looking forward to the second workshop tomorrow. You should at least check out these workshops. I have been taking them for years an I love them - and it free!!!!

18 March 2019

MidSummer Maine 2019

This year we will be make cloth books assembled as either hinged, concertina, scroll or banner. I've just had enough time to make one sample for the website but I will be making an entire book for a sample of what can be made. I'll put it on the blog and Maine Coast Surface Design Workshops website as soon as it's finished.

This is on a linen base with a silk chiffon vintage hankie over watercolor painted scrim and newspaper. It is free motion sketched with wildflowers with hand stitched details in wool thread and the stems are colored with Inktense pencils. I am looking forward to making more.

14 March 2019

A Wedding Gift

My really good friend is getting married and I offered to make the "Vow Books" and the "Guest Book". The colors in the wedding are navy and white with a bit of silver and touch of green. I made some scrapped painted paper and some with a bit of a swirl. She liked both. The small vows book is 6 X 4.5 and the guest book is my usual coptic bound book 6 X 9. I made the vows books as pamphlet style tied in Royal blue and metallic silver and the guest book is stitched with my own hand dyed thread in medium blue.

Pamphlet signatures just 6 pages

Guest book has 8 signatures for 128 pages

Covers and thread

11 March 2019

Announcing the 2019 Season of Maine Coast Surface Design Workshop

I was in the process of creating a brochure of all the workshops happening this year when I accidentally deleted the website. Oops! Fortunately I was able to build a new one with a new URL, send the brochure off to the printer and create new business cards with the new URL. Take a peak! The workshops are located here. If you are in the area or ever wanted to visit the breathtaking coast of Maine, this is your opportunity.

07 March 2019

Tiny landscape

This is a landscape I made from an idea I put in my sketchbook.

I used walnut ink to color the linen for the ground and I painted the rayon sky with watercolors.

I free motion sketched the tree trunk and horizon

Then hand stitched the leaves. They may not appear small but this entire piece is 3.5 X 5.5 inches. Initially the loose threads looked like roots but now they just look messy. Also I thought the ground needed more SOMETHING  so I tried out "stitches" with it under an acetate sheet.



All of my recent work is on sale on my website.
Check it out!!

04 March 2019

Another New Workshop

Paste Paper

Votive holder

Making paste paper

Paste paper box

Paste paper for book covers

The workshop after this one will be book construction

28 February 2019

New workshop - Cuddlies

The first workshop at Maine Coast Surface Design Workshops this May

Pattern on Pellon

Dyed cheese cloth ears and felted heart with a dense fleece body

Linen with deconstructed silk screen ears

Tiny bear is made from wool suiting

Bear "Priscilla" made from a white wool French Army blanket, vintage doll dress with a hand knit cardigan.

Her pink nails and toes are actually pink marks along the selvage of the wool blanket

This is my cuddly that was given to me when I was born 70 years ago. She is well loved.