22 October 2018

Book Bonanza!

Yesterday I torn signatures for four books and covered 3 books worth of covers with my own paste paper. Today I placed each book elements in a basket and binge watched season one of The Closer while I coptic stitched the spines.

Book one for my son with a few "extras". Here it is in a basket along with my dyed threads and a wax votive for stitching.

Doesn't this remind you of Van Gogh's paintings?

An envelope glued to the inside of the back cover with paste paper over the adhesive and tabs for tucking it closed.

Here are little extras I popped in the book.

A few vellum pages.

Laminated bookmark

Cool rigid bubble rods for shipping to Malta.

This is a commissioned book

Below is a book for me unless someone else wants it ($45.) I absolutely LOVE this paper I made.

19 October 2018

The last hurrah

I loved the rayon infinity scarves so much I soda soaked three more to add to the one done and the Crepe de Chine waiting for me in the garage. I also thought they would come out better if I cut them open into one long sheet to silk screen.
I was SO tired and my back was killing me after hours bending over the print table that I binned all the thickened dye left and called it good til next year

Below is the "wrong" side of the fabric

Love this silk!!

 Now to wash them out and sew the infinities back together.

17 October 2018

Beatrix Potter and the Lake District - part 1

This was my daughter-inlaws favorite part of the trip. We look this "Goat Tour" of the lake district, the lake being Lake Windermere. It was all day and very in detail. Our tour guide was very informative and funny. He told us when crossing the road that the car coming from the right would kill us first. You know I didn't forget that and always looked right first.


The stone walls were topped with these standing stones called "coins"

They anchored the walls and protected them.

Wray Castle, actually a folly.

This is the house Beatrix Potter lived in with her husband. She worked in the house she occupied before her marriage which was across the road called Hilltop House


Farmer MacGregors garden

Hilltop house

 There was a mouse in each room and one room had two. Stuffed of course