17 October 2018

Beatrix Potter and the Lake District - part 1

This was my daughter-inlaws favorite part of the trip. We look this "Goat Tour" of the lake district, the lake being Lake Windermere. It was all day and very in detail. Our tour guide was very informative and funny. He told us when crossing the road that the car coming from the right would kill us first. You know I didn't forget that and always looked right first.


The stone walls were topped with these standing stones called "coins"

They anchored the walls and protected them.

Wray Castle, actually a folly.

This is the house Beatrix Potter lived in with her husband. She worked in the house she occupied before her marriage which was across the road called Hilltop House


Farmer MacGregors garden

Hilltop house

 There was a mouse in each room and one room had two. Stuffed of course

15 October 2018

Tiny silk cushion

I was looking for a small project I could do while I watched TV in the evening. This looked promising. I started out just doing decorative stitched over the "seams" where the fabrics overlapped. I found out the hard way , I am NOT an embroiderer. I had to pick out all my stitched and then I got out the beads.

The loose fabrics pined in place. The silks were so sheer. I covered the front with that painted pink and layered the other fabrics on top of the pink.

Choices, choices

This was the back - a piece of old silk batik

Beading completed.

Cushion completed with violet scent crystals inside.

12 October 2018

Dog poo-bag holder

I sure think I might have posted this already but here it goes. The "dogs" got a hold of my poo-bag holder to get the mini-biscuits I kept in it. They torn it to shreds. Now a new and improved version.

Sewn through the center is a band with Velcro to attach it to the leash handle

Bottom opening to feed the bags through

Velcro flap for inserting the rolls of bags. This holds two rolls.

Blurry photo of the "treat" pocket. Must have treats for training puppies.

Thanks for reading,

10 October 2018


Portmeirion is a tourist village in Gwynedd, North Wales. It was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975 in thwe style of an Italian village, and is now owned by a charitable trust. Just before visiting there, the family had lunch in this castle. It was my son's birthday.

Then we walked into Portmeirion