18 November 2019

Remember the stick?

This was from last year. Who said I didn't procrastinate?

Well I finally got it almost all done. Just a small painted section yet to go.

Felted, beaded, wrapped and with a handmade ceramic square beads I fired about 11 years ago.

Finally done

16 November 2019

My Pre-Holiday sale

Japanese Rice Bag  $45. (lined)

160 page sketchbooks 6 X 9 mixed media paper  $45.

Indigo scarves $20.

Rayon Bamboo 12 X 72 hemmed on four sides

Two on left Infinity scarf 14 X 72   Scarf on right unhemmed rayon lawn (super soft) 22 X 90  ($35.)

Two  Rayon Bamboo 12 X 72 hemmed on four sides - center looks like the left and the ends the right
 Two on left Rayon Bamboo 12 X 72 hemmed on four sides, scarf on right Infinity 14 X 72
 Infinity 14 X 72 on left and two Rayon Bamboo 12 X 72 hemmed on four sides on right

Two infinity scarves on left 14 X 72 and Rayon Bamboo 12 X 72 hemmed on four sides on right

14 November 2019

First crow done but not framed.

I started out with this piece

Sketched in a landscape

This is the wallpaper from my APP page on my desktop. This is my idea of heaven.

Used intense pencils but mostly blocks to color in the mountain range and pumped up the color on the crow.

Thread sketching in the trees

Pines and deciduous trees. 

11 November 2019

Making a sweater

This is a two-fer. I am making a sweater and not using my hands to eat snacks at the same time. Clever!! God help me if I can't do two things at once. Here is a photo of the pattern.

Don't you love that guy with the long hair and mustache? I am such an old hippie! I checked, 1975

Sort of a sage green. The back is done (folded in half)

An  antique needle case I was given many years ago. I am using it for my ribbing needles during this project.

07 November 2019

First sketch in my plant journal

Rose Hips

Remember, this was my first sketch/watercolor since last year.

04 November 2019

Plant Journals Completed

The completed books. I absolutely love making books and I try to make them as perfect as possible. I used waxed Irish linen thread to stitch the pine and have a huge array of colors. On one of the books , I chose a thread which turned out to look wimpy and pathetic. That will be my new plant journal.

Front and back of journal. You can chose which.

This seems to be the most popular. The white paint had mica in it and the book just glows. I have another half sheet so I can make another one just like it.

This book was made with the "chrysanthemum" tool made by Marcella's brother.

That horrible looking stitching (DON"T LOOK!!) made it mine. I sell these sketchbooks for $45. and believe me when I tell you it's the best mixed media paper you can get. I do a lot of watercolors in these sketchbooks. If you are interested in one, use the contact form below.

02 November 2019

Anniversary Giveaway Winners

The winners were Penny and Tina.

Use the Contact form below to email me your postal addresses.
I can mail the fabric on Monday.