14 January 2019

More quilt redux

This was really a wide quilt and I had a hard time finding a jar to slip inside for shape and stability. I made a load of Peanut Butter Crisscross cookies for the holidays and I ended up with an empty PB jar that fit perfectly.

This ruler was the exact height I needed.

It was a Rainbow Trout

I think this was so funny. I was cleaning out some cabinets so my sister could put her kitchen items in her own spot when I came across a coffee cup cuff I made long ago. It fit perfectly with this jar.

I slipped a small jar into to hold my magnifying glass for threading my sewing machine needles.

10 January 2019

The last of the print table covers.

I had to clear out my print table and silk screens to make room for my sisters stuff in my garage when it comes off the truck. We will gradually get everything up to her suite but in the meantime.......

This was the last of the table covers from the Maine Event. I thoroughly sprayed the 4' X 8' piece of fabric with soda ash because I hadn't pre-soaked it prior to the event. Here it is coming into the house in a bucket.

It doesn't look like much here but it is really beautiful fabric.

70 pecking birds I received for my 70th birthday from my friend Rita.

07 January 2019

Big news of the year

I can't remember if I wrote a post about finding my birth family but I found my "father's SIDE" about three years ago. There were so many illegitimate children, I am probably the child of one of them. I am not the daughter of any of the "known men" of the Henderson family.

After a strange and circuitous journey, I found my mother's side of the family. My mother had died a few years before as did an older brother but I still have a half sister, Susan, and a half-brother, Arlan.
Here we all are celebrating "Mother's Day". It was very apropos.

So the BIG news is that Susan is moving in with me next week. She is packing a Penske truck in Indiana and will arrive here the day after Christmas. She will move into my fabulous upstairs studio. When I first met her, her Facebook photos were of all the quilts she had made. Nuf said. You read a few posts ago about her visit and we decided we wanted to spend as much time as we had left being together and playing. She is still trucking for the time being but may start working in personal care after a while. She was a nurse for over 30 years and was tired of that so she starting trucking. It's a dangerous and lonely life on the road so hopefully she will finding something here in Maine she will enjoy. She is quite a bit younger than me so she is not ready for retirement yet.

So you can count on all kinds of textile high jinks in the future. Life gets better and better.

03 January 2019

Taking a felting workshop

My friend TieDye Judy told me about this fabulous felting workshop she is taking. I signed up and my sister and I are working along with master felter Jackie Cardy. We've already watched 3 of the 12 workshops in the Fabulous Fibre series and are loving it. Thanks for the heads up Judy.

Love this landscape my sister made

This will be transformed with stitch (keep watching)

Above is my effort and I hope to transform this into something special!!

And in case you missed it on my Instagram account, these were special orders from my big Art Show and Sale a few weeks ago.

31 December 2018

My sister is here to visit

Many of you know that I found my birth family last year, two members of which are a half brother and sister. My sister, an accomplished quilter (who knew!!!!) is here for three weeks and MAY be moving here permanently in the Spring. Meanwhile we are playing. The first thing we did was make cloth beads. After this, not pictured, we tied metallic threads and hand dyed cotton embroidery thread around the centers and added beads to the end of the ties.

Finally finishing tying threads around my beads

27 December 2018

Give away

I have about a hundred of these English paper piecing templates. You can use a glue stick to glue your fabric around these shapes. After sewing the pieces together the templates just can be popped out. Any one interested??

This is the quilt my friend made for me. Isn't it beautiful?

This picture is before I did the binding. Judith's daughter did this all by hand.
If you are interested in making something this beautiful, the templates are yours - just leave a comment. Happy holidays!!


24 December 2018

An old fish quilt

The quilt is old, not the fish. (attempt at humor). It is a Japanese fish print (gyotaku) where you paint the fish then use it as a stamp. This was a rubber fish. I made this about 10 years ago all done in free motion sketching with metallic threads. I like the fish but then what do you do with it??

I have made a quilted vessel and I will probably use it to house my long paint brushed. I'm going to use a large tomato can for rigidity.