09 February 2012

Dyeing thread and Thursdays give away

I'm so glad I told you how I randomly pick people from the bowl because Dea won again. I decided to choose another number since she won yesterday too. Gill was the second name picked. I emailed Gil who had a choice of fabric or threads (not shown) and threads were chosen so Dea will get the book and Gill threads. The winner of today's silk will be picked tomorrow. Please leave a comment. More silk for Fridays give away too.

I received an email from one of the author/bloggers from And then we set it on fire who asked some interesting questions. One was where did I get the thread that I used for dyeing. I bought it at Walmart. Walmart is not my store of choice but they do have a few weird items that I have found handy.
This thread is for crocheting dollies and bedspreads - not my thing. It is called Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton. It is mercerized - a BIG bonus because mercerized cotton REALLY takes color well. The Walmart link is to the cotton thread. First of all the cotton thread comes in a few different sizes. I use #3 which a thicker pearl cotton weight.
The thread on the left is #10 and the right is #3. The thinner thread is relatively easy to get through the eye of a needle and the #3 pearl cotton is a bit more of a chore. They each make a statement on fabric. This is how I make my skeins.
I found this HUGE skein of cotton on sale somewhere for about $9.00 so I grabbed it. I usually buy skeins about the size of an orange. They are easier to handle.
I cut a piece of foam board from the Dollar store 18" long. As you can see, mine has seen better days.
Next I put the big ball in a container. With the smaller balls, I can drop them in a cardboard box which I keep at my feet. This big ball needed a heavier container. I might use a heavy plastic bin. Today I made do with this arrangement.
I pulled out some thread and lined up the end of the thread with the end of the foam board leaving a tail about 4" long.
Then I wrapped the thread around and around the foam board 20 times giving me 20 yards.
 This is the end of the wrapping. I cut another tail the same length so I could tie them off.
 I slid one end under the threads
and tied a knot.

Next I slip the thread off the foam board.
Now I needed help with the pictures since I had to use 2 hands. I slipped my fingers into the end loops and started to twist my fingers in opposite directions.
I continued to twist until it was tight on my finger tips.
Then I carefully slipped one end off one finger and pushed it into the loop from the other finger.
Then guided the skein into a twist using the lower hand.
I can work up these white cotton skeins at night while watching TV and I keep them in bags in my dyeing cabinet so that I don't forget to add them when dyeing.
You can really see the difference in the sizes of the #3 on right and the #10 on the left.
This thread is so yummy when dyed you can easily get addicted.

Don't forget to leave a comment for the silk below

Plus I popped another small piece of green haboti into the pile to go with these two.


  1. Thank you Beth! I have emailed you!
    Gorgeous colours in the fabrics you have dyed - I love them!

  2. Beautiful silk!Lovely dog as well. Does he use the vacuum cleaner?
    gr. Marjolijn

  3. Oh my, it must be my lucky week! Thanks a lot, Beth, I'm so happy with my prices!
    Good tips about dying threads. I gonna have to get myself a skein of cotton as well.

  4. This is an awesome post Beth...thank you~I'm heading for the container which stores all my mercerized crochet cottons...I just knew all those leftovers would come in handy...and you just made that happen!

  5. I have a lot of crochet cotton and 10/2 weaving cotton that needs some color. I'm going to skein them up right now! and keep them handy for dye days. I may have to dye some silk thread to go with your gorgeous silks...if I'm lucky, that is.

  6. I really enjoyed reading your post--my first visit to it. That silk is gorgeous.


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