09 March 2012

Sea Food

I was right. I did add more elements to embellish this small piece of cloth. One good thing about working small is #1 It goes quickly, #2 If it is terrible, you didn't waste too much time, #3 You can frame it and sell it cheap (smile). At one point I added a turquoise bead. After a half dozen french knots, I realized it looked terrible. What to do? I took a cheap pair of $1. scissors, laid the flat of the blade on the bead and hit the scissors with a hammer. Yes, I did.
It was a great save. I had to scratch tiny shards of broken glass out of the stitches but all's well than ends well.

 The orange/yellow stitches on the left are actually 5 different colors.
Here I couched down tiny bits of sari yarn . I used glass beads, silk sari yarn, running stitches and French knots.

About the title. I believe one day we will use the ocean as a garden and harvest many varieties of plant matter that will be turned into food.. I did another piece called Ocean's Harvest.Scroll to the bottom of the page.


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