10 March 2012


One of the pieces at Aar Hus Gallery sold. I think she said it sold on opening night. Another artist bought it for his wife. It will remain hanging in the gallery until the end of the show. This is a copy of a copy of a copy of the piece.

Sorry but this is the only picture I have outside of the opening pic.
I actually loved it and probably wouldn't have sold it if I had had other pieces framed. I had just heard 3 days before about the show and that was all I had ready to go.Well, I made that one so I can make myself another....one day.

It was a solvent transfer on linen which I then hand painted with fabric paint. It was overlaid with the image of three feathers digitally printed onto organza. I beaded a "frame" around the organza to hold it in place and sewed bugle beads as ground. It was 12 X 12. Do you recognize the feather on the image from the "Making a stamp from a photo" tutorial? All three of those feathers from the image are taped to my computer monitor as I type.


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