12 March 2012

Schoodic Arts for All Classes

This summer I will be teaching 2 classes at Schoodic Arts for All in Downeast Maine on the Schoodic Peninsula. 
The first class will be the construction and multiple uses of silk screens. I will be using fabric to print on but these techniques translate to paper with a few small changes. This is really a three day class but I have condensed it into one. For the sake of time, I will be constructing the silk screens and portable printing surfaces in advance BUT I will go through the processes in the class so the students can see me stretching the screen and taping it (quickly). ALL of the information covered in the class from construction of the screen and printing surface to preparing the thickened dyes and print paste, pre-treatment of the fabric, each technique, batching and wash-out will be covered in a full color illustrated booklet that I wrote just for this class. Each student will leave the class with a silk screen, printing surface, full color instruction book, squeegee (for fabric), and other assorted minor tools along with actual samples of each technique which they will have completed in class and knowledge of the processes used. It will be a jam packed fun filled day. Here are some of the techniques covered in the class. We will use various resists to make marks on cloth:
 Above is a flour paste resist with very organic lines.
 Above is a gel glue resist. No other technique can create this image/these marks
 Above is an example of using objects as a resist like a fern leaf and shamrock leaf

 Above is polychromatic screen printing
 Above is a tape resist done with blue painters tape
Above is an example of deconstructed screen printing.

The top picture is of a paper resist - just an outline of an image printed on the computer used on the silk screen and below it is a small quilt I made using the image and thread as line to sketch in the details - Fun!

Any and all questions about this class can be asked either by phone or email using my contact information on my profile at the top of the blog (right side)

The second class I am teaching is Stamp Making
We will be using all sorts of materials to create unique stamps both flat and round as well as learning how to make stamps from photographs. In this class you will get to use and take home, a set of Speedball lino cutters, X-acto knife and materials for making many stamps to take home and you'll have a  really fun day.
The photo is on the left, the printed image in the center and the actual stamp on the right. Below a finished piece of art.  Can you say "Christmas Cards"?
Above, A Clouded Mind,  stamped on to a piece of snow dyed fabric

This is the actual feather and an imprint on the wooden block the stamp is glued to

And above is the stamp itself

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