18 March 2012

Play Date with Judith and Meagan

Yesterday Judith (Quiltordye) and Meagan, the young woman I am mentoring, and I had a batik bash! Meagan and I were batiking some silk scarves. She was using crepe de chine and mine was a medium haboti. Meagan took hers home but I hope she emails me some photos so I can post them. Judith did some very unusual and fascinating processes. I think she will blog about it and I will link to it when she does or you can simply check out her blog now. She has some fabulous prints from her class at University. She also bought me a wonderful watercolor from a gallery she was hanging in of a crow. In case you missed it, I LOVE crows.

And these are a few pics of the scarf I batiked. I will be making 36 scarves (12 Haboti, 12 Crepe De Chine, and 12 rayon eternity scarves 20" X 77") for the store in the next month or so.

 These royal blue and green colors remind me of high school. This color combo was very popular then (60's) and I still love it.

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  1. Lovely scarf! And the crow is wonderful. Now I understand why you like the work of the Kemshalls, Linda is very fond of crows as well.
    gr. Marjolijn


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