02 March 2012


Judith and her husband Floyd came to the opening of the Waterfall Arts show. Meagan and her parents were there along with my friends Jessie, Jason and their 2 children Malcolm and Stella. My parents wouldn't miss it either. Here are a few pics. It was lovely.

This is Meagan and I next to our piece, "Coastal Pollution"

These pictures were at Aar Hus Gallery which was MOBBED. We were there about 4 minutes - just long enough to take these pictures.
 The crow picture to the right of my head is one of my pieces.
 Part of the mob.
The olive and purple piece to my right is Deep Blue Sea

As they say in Maine, "A good time was had by all".


  1. Thanks for the pics. I see by your heavy sweater that it's cold there.

  2. Lovely! It's great to see your pieces in situ!

  3. It's great to see the whole piece hanging on the wall, prachtig werk/ great piece.

  4. Looks great! Lovely sweater as well. Did you knit it yourself?
    gr. Marjolijn

  5. Meagan looks very happy and proud. And I agree with Kit that it is nice to see your lovely work on exhibit.

  6. Thank you Colleen. Even though our "agreed" commitment to each other is over, Meagan and I (and Judith) will continue to work together. We are doing batik silk scarves on March 17th. I will be posting pictures.

  7. Very nice to see the pictures of the show, I can see you enjoy it.

  8. It's been fun seeing this piece make its way from start to finish!

  9. What a beautiful piece at the last picture, the olive and purple!


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