02 March 2012

Coming out party

I have been working on my new "For Sale" website which is actually just another (separate) blog. I only have a few items up so far but the cat got out of the bag. I was emailing with Nienke and she suggested doing a Facebook FAN page. I think that is what they are called. I got one up in short order and that is live too. I am shamelessly looking for people to "like" me. Something happens when 30 people "like" me but I've forgotten since my brain is about fried.
This is BY NO MEANS an advertisement looking for buyers. I just want to share it with my blog family.  So if you want to "like" me, by all means, visit my Facebook Fan page here. I love the look of the new sales blog. You can check it out here. It is called neCeSSiTiesORnOt  I thought the mix of upper and lower case letters looked interesting. 
Now off to create.....

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