20 March 2012

Process Pledge

I have tried to live up to my process pledge (see right hand sidebar) with all my tutorials. Well todays doings are the culmination of about a weeks worth of neuron firings. Remember the dream from a few days ago? When I sketched that idea, I also made this sketch.
 I loved all the lines and it probably isn't clear that I used colored pencils but I did. Then I began to  think of my beloved improvisational quilts and started throwing some of my hand dyed fabrics on the table. Before I knew what I was doing, I was slicing wavy lines through piece after piece.

 I love it. Of course purple and green is my favorite color combination but still... I had this very interestingly mottled light area in one area of one of the fabrics I used and I thought about making a crater filled full moon out of it. In the original sketch I made a note about using discharge paste around the moon like a halo but I decided to try it on a scrap first. You don't need to ask why.

This is the aftermath  of my free wheeling rotary cutting frenzy. Tomorrow, the top stitching. Day after that, the embellishments. Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh this is so very pretty, you can trust you intuition!! I'm dreaming away.... That moon!


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