23 March 2012


I think I am done with the embellishing. When Judith was here Saturday she was telling her friend Kathy who met us here that a piece of art should be attractive three ways. First from a distance. It should stand out from across a room and draw you in for a closer examination. Moonlight has wonderful colors that would attract me. It should be attractive from mid-range. I can see the texture of the stitching in the rolling lines of color. And it should draw you in very close to see small details. Moonlight has tiny beads and small hand stitches and the "stars" are crystal clear delicata beads - very subtle.

I'm satisfied.


  1. Oh yes, you can be satisfied. Lovely with the little embellishment. It doens't need more.
    gr. Marjolijn

  2. Oh my gosh Beth - I've been MIA for awhile because my mother passed away last week so I missed the build up to this - but this is so, incredibly beautiful.

    (And I've used beads too in the piece I posted today - first time ever!)

    You should be WELL satisfied with your piece.

  3. Your color choices are so harmonious. This could be part of a wonderful triptych, that would flow from one panel to another. Well done.


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