13 March 2012

Yesterday's Post

For the Schoodic Arts for all class descriptions, click here.

I am teaching 2 classes at Schoodic Arts for All and the organizer was having trouble trying to describe my class to potential students. SHE wasn't even sure what I meant. Our class descriptions were restricted to 30 words. That's not many!! So I thought of creating a link to my blog so potential students could get a more in depth look at the class, what they were getting for their materials fee and what the techniques might look like. So... I also made a few more book covers but just wrapped them around books so people could buy them as covered journals or custom made for their own book.
 These are larger than normal books. They can be purchased either as a covered journal or custom fit to your book.


  1. and again beautiful book covers. How many did you make now? Quit a lot, I think.
    gr. Marjolijn

  2. I think I have made about 9. Three have gone to good homes.


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