12 March 2012

Weekend doings

I was made aware that some guy in town had bought a 'lot" of sewing notions and fabric from the son of a woman (unknown) who had died. The son had cleaned out her house and sold all the sewing related things in a lot to this man. Nothing much was interesting but I did score 44 zippers at .25c a piece.
I want to make some small purses and hopefully I can hide these zippers in the purses. I also had taken Brian, my partner, to Augusta to the dentist and stopped at Dollar Tree. I scored 6 white and 6 black foam core boards to use as backings for the white and black mats I am using in the "Store".
Today I had another washed and dried dog food bag so I decided to make another reusable shopping bag out of it. This material is like tarp material, woven nylon, and it is very strong. On this bag, I used the zipper tab for a handle and I like it a lot. I have another bag that uses some cut off bag material for a handle. It is 19" tall, 17" wide with a 12" X 6" gusset on the bottom so that it will stand up to pack. I am putting them in the "Store".
                                                                   Zipper tab handles
                                                                      Nice material
                                                                    Bottom gusset  12X6
Last bit of news is that I sold all but one journal so I will be making more this week. They really are a value and very useful.
Bye for now.


  1. You were very succesful, sold almost all the journals. That's great. And a very useful bag. Does the dog still smell what was in it?
    gr. Marjolijn

  2. Very original, heel origineel.
    A unique bag, een umieke tas!


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